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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by MacBuilt, Apr 22, 2019.

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    Your son fucks. Plain and simple.
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    Legend status. Truth.
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    Officially two weeks in with 3 clients (really 4, including a clients wife on the plan as well) all through their first check-ins.

    Husband and wife down a combined 17lbs in a week and a half AND off the gear they were on that i felt was wasted, making progress without it.

    Another down 6lbs in two weeks, unassisted by a blast, seeing details he hasn’t seen in years even operating around his house flooding this week.

    Another, a competition focused client, up on cals to build a base metabolism with negligible weight gain as we build him into an crazy offseason period with a growth focused blast.

    None of these members are on crazy cardio, crash diets, or insane training programs and the two with a weight loss goal are eating the same number of cals or more with some fun foods built in.

    I welcome any of the above mentioned clients to speak to their experiences thus far but certainly don’t expect it; feel free to PM and ask them yourselves if you know who they are and are curious.

    Another one or two on deck starting in the next few the months.

    If anyone is interested in making the most of their food, training, and AAS please continue to reach out. I will fit as many of you as I can before I feel I’d be sacrificing the quality of my service.
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    Actually, my wife is now down 12 pounds in one week on your plan Mac and I’m down 7. We’re officially headed into week 2 tomorrow! The diet is the hardest part, but that’s because you get used to eating a certain way and you THINK you’re eating ok, until you realize you’re not.
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    I also want to add that when you do it on your own, you’re not held to any standards but your own and it’s easy to slip up. With 2 weekly weigh ins and one weekly photo session, you are definitely more accountable and hold yourself to a higher standard. Thank you @MacBuilt for taking us on as clients and helping to change our lives!
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    Any chance you'll share some before and after photos when all said and done?
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    I’d certainly like to get them both to the point of being proud enough of their progress to do so.
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    Yeah and I have no doubt you will. However some people might feel funny sharing for other reasons and I get that.
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    At some point some pics will be shared. Wife’s more than likely won’t but mine will be posted up at some point.
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    Reminder to all clients: WEIGH INS TOMORROW FIRST THING AM!!
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    I am excited for you!
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    I don’t know about the other clients, but I’ll never accuse Mac of starving me during this recomp/cut. I’m constantly looking at the clock like “Fuck, it’s time to eat again already?”
  13. How excited? Take pics! :D
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    AND you’re losing weight :cool:
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    So I mentioned to my wife that I was going to try and work with @MacBuilt for training and she was like, is it a woman, blah blah blah. Insecure narcissism bs I always deal with. Anyways, showed her a pic from macs log, and she was like, he sent those to you? Are yall gay? Why is he sending pics in his underwear to you? Lmao. Its a fucking log of his progress to his show.

    Well, yall gay for sending naked pics to each other. Lmao. Women......
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    Lmao, you truly believe she’s a narcissist?
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    That's fucking hilarious. Sounds like you would've been better off telling her it was another girl
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    She’s just jealous of us. Tell her if she stops judging me and pays me extra I’ll make sure you don’t get big, lean, and vascular enough to leave for the line of other women wanting your babies.
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    Right. Lmao. When I started going to the gym she kept saying that she doesn't like muscles, now she's biting my biceps and licking them during relations. I know the deal.

    Yes. Without a doubt. But shhhhh, you can't tell her that. Lmao.

    Hell nah. She's latina, getting cut for sure. Lmao.
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    You should try prep coaching people and having progress pics from multiple clients (guys) on your phone.

    "Normal" people don't understand it at all and totally go straight to the "that seems gay" thing.

    If it's female clients then you're some perv walking around with porn pics on your phone. I can hear it now. Why are they sticking their butt out like that? Did you ask them to do that? LOL.
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