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    Possibly not till next week, he mentioned losing his phone and computers so he’s probably way behind. He did say clients won’t be charged for this week, so I’d say call it a wash, continue from last weeks diet/training, and just pick it back up this Saturday with checkin
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    Hello guys,

    Please send updates as usual for your Saturday check-in.

    Anyone who would like an explanation of my absence will get one. It goes beyond what’s posted above, as some shit that isn’t mine but effects me hit the fan when I got home.

    Those who want refunds are more than welcome to request them and will be executed on promptly. I fully understand if this is the case as you SHOULD expect more of me.

    Otherwise, I’m eager to get back on track and keep everyone’s progress going.

    I kept my time full and maximized and one or two extra straws on the stack broke my back this week ontop of the aforementioned theft of my laptops and phone. Training clients were the link that gave out, and I have no excuse.

    It’s neither professional nor acceptable.
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    Shit happens bro.

    I put a nail in a half inch copper pipe the other day. I had to run around like a fucking asshole shutting the water to the house off, ripping drywall out and getting towels to soak up the water.

    So now I have a professional photographer that's taking pictures of the house in like a week for when we I list it, but I have to refinish drywall and all of that shit now.

    Life happens
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    From my point of view, unless the client is on a deadline like a competition, then the minor setbacks have no bearing on anything. It’s not like anyone can’t see what you’re doing in your logs, every client signed on knowing who you are and that you were in competition mode yourself. In 13 weeks you had the email issues out of your control, this competition week headed for a pro card, and one other week where life got in the way, wedding or something. The email was solved and you’re learning how to manage clients on your personal schedule which will only get better with time. As you said, had anyone of a dozen things not happened this past week you would have been fine.

    It’s not like you’re telling your clients tough shit, you’re not charging for the week, that more than makes up for it in my book. And as I said, unless that client is on a competition deadline or something I don’t see why they’d be upset, it’s not like following the same plan for two weeks without feedback is going to negatively effect the client. My lifts are up and looking better, and I’m not paying for it? Ok, let me complain Mac got hit with a life event and demand a refund while I still benefited :rolleyes:
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    Are you certified is training at all? or just personal knowledge?
    The NASM, ASCM, or any other?
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    How do you feel about myoprotein? I fucking love it and it works. Especailly it being lab tested.
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    Worked for me over the past 5+ years
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    I am not.

    And I’ve looked over nearly all those training materials. Aside from actual physiology and exercise science DEGREES with matching experience, their near useless. The materials are basic, cookie cutter, and extremely basic/behind the times IMO.
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    To all clients, I had thought this might be obvious, but...

    If you’re missing meals, skipping workouts, etc do not expect me to update your diet and training EXCEPT for changes to help with adhering to the plan.

    In other words, i won’t up or cut calorieC increase or decrease training intensity or cardio, or otherwise make substantial changes other than to help make the plan executable. If I did, those changes would be based on nothing.

    The feedback I get via photos, weigh ins, and your words are only valuable if the plan and the execution match. A slip here and there is inevitable. Skipping a meal every day or making changes we didn’t discuss isn’t going to allow me to help you achieve your goal.

    I have no issue restructuring plans to lifestyles, schedules, and preferred foods. Ask @HIGHRISK and @puckhog.

    But we need to be eye to eye on things to make it work.
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    To a point... it shows you at least have basic knowledge. Which many dont. People would trust ypu more too.
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    Its easy to tell someone what to do. Its a talent to get them to actually do it
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    Look at the size of the guy. I'd say that he knows what he's doing.
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    If I were educated in a classroom they’d ask why I didn’t have certs. If I had certs and didn’t have a degree they’d ask why I don’t.

    10yrs of true trial and error and 100lbs of muscle apparently isn’t enough proof that I’ve fucked around enough to be able to figure out what works and what doesn’t for people.

    If they trust somebody’s piece of paper over results, I’ve got nothing.
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    Then don’t trust me. Not hurting my feelings.
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    It’s also not my fucking job to get someone to do anything. I’m here to instruct, not lift the weight for you or keep the cupcakes out of your shopping cart.

    We’re adults. And men. If you don’t wanna do the shit you’re wasting your money and my time. The later is as sad to me as the former should be to you.

    If any of my responses hurt your feelings or rub you the wrong way I’m not the coach for you.
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    Not to sound like a complete dick, but anyone who trusts a piece of paper over results doesn't understand what that paper represents. I don't have a college degree and constantly reminded of that yet I'm keeping my job right compared to undergrads and graduate degrees because I can execute the tasks. That piece of paper shows I could read a book and take a test, it does nothing to show that I can implement what I learned in class into the real world.

    I was a competitive endurance athlete before some life altering injuries. People constantly post on social media asking about running a (half) marathon and it's to the point that I'll copy/paste a basic workout from some training coach with PhD and world records to their athletes names, and it gets dismissed when people ask me where I got my certification. Forget that I plagiarized the best damn training program, they ignore it because who it came from. Weeks/months later I post the same training program and give credit to the coach and post his credentials and everyone thanks me for the amazing workout plan that got them through a marathon. It's stupid shit like that why I don't coach anyone, they don't care what the actual content is, or the recorded accomplishments I have, they only care what paper is hanging on your wall.

    My daily runs were around 9 miles, tack on another 4 and that's a half marathon, but somehow I can't be trusted to get someone across the finish line with what I know because I'm not a certified trainer? :rolleyes:

    When it comes to brewing how the hell do you manage? your not a chemist, hell I'm not a chemist but I laid out every single thing you needed and included all the math to get you a perfect brew in all your threads in the homebrew section. You never asked me what my certifications were, you trusted my experience and past results to get you through brewing multiple compounds. Why/How is Mac being certified going to change the end results for your fitness goals if my lack of chemistry degree didn't change your mind on taking my brewing advice?

    /Shilling and cock riding
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    @Mac11wildcat how are cheat days distributed.... Asking for a friend. :rolleyes:
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    I typically let clients soak for 2 weeks then add cheats relative to goals. You’re due. Expect them starting Saturday.
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    Faaaaaahk yes! I can smell the 5 orders of French toast already!
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    Do you know what they call the guy who graduated last in his class at med school?

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