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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by MacBuilt, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. MacBuilt

    MacBuilt Member Supporter

    Want to apologize to all clients for the delay. The combination of the show this weekend and a crucial work deadline is pushing me out of being able to update your plans thus far. Expect them tonight, regardless of how late I have to work on them.
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    HIGHRISK Member

    Yeah come on Mac get your shit together!!!

    J/K bro I’m sure everyone understands
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  3. mp46

    mp46 Member

    One day on the old plan won’t kill anyone. Everyone knew about the show months ago and figured a delay might happen.
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  4. MacBuilt

    MacBuilt Member Supporter

    To all clients; this week will not count towards your paid time with me given that updates did not go out until Monday night. Please check in as usual though.
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  5. puckhog

    puckhog Member Supporter

    I am continually impressed by the level of coaching I have received so far. No complaints on my end. Making great progress too! Eating more than ever, waistline is getting leaner (hard to do cuz I am already smol) and definitely putting on size other places (not my penis you homos, jeeeez). Mirror don’t lie.
  6. MacBuilt

    MacBuilt Member Supporter

    Everyone’s updated. Sorry for the delay. Had a buddy in the ER today.

    I prefer transparency, so I want to make this public. I dropped a Meso client today; not because they’re a bad client or because the coaching relationship was bad, but because I didn’t feel their needs in achieving the goal could be met by me as an online only coach. I believe the split is amicable (atleast it seems to be). I’ll never continue to take someone’s funds I don’t believe I”m providing service to that ensures their goals are reached.

    I hope to never have this happen again, but I will ALWAYS be upfront with you guys if I think my value to you is subpar.
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  7. It was @T-Bagger wasn't it!? He's such a drama queen. He should be seeking the advice of a mental health professional before he seeks the help of a personal trainer.

    Just my 2¢, being his life partner and all. i think it had to be said and said bluntly!


    Good on you for choosing the clients needs above your own personal gain. Kudos be to the Mac man.
  8. MacBuilt

    MacBuilt Member Supporter

    Since I know there’s no way every client forgot to check in this morning I am going to go ahead and assume Tutanota is again fucking with me. I haven’t heard of anyone else having so much trouble with it so I am going to assume it’s specific to something to do with my network....

    In light of this; two things:
    1. I am strongly considering changing this over to proton and if I do each client will receive an email from me on the new address and I will be sure to add it here.
    2. I have a wedding tonight but if emails come through at some point I will be up all night updating plans and getting you guys set for the week if need be.

    I apologize for delays, and wish they were something I could control. Thanks for understanding.
  9. Mac11wildcat

    Mac11wildcat Member Supporter

    Everyone, I have your emails.

    I’m switching to proton tonight. This will be the last update on Tuta. Can’t work like this. Updates going out as soon as is humanly possible....
  10. MacBuilt

    MacBuilt Member Supporter

    Ok guys. All emails finished and sent.

    I sincerely apologize for the delay and appreciate the understanding.

    Any questions or concerns, as always, message me back.

    The new email is and will effective IMMEDIATELY and I will be sure to have checkins changed over once I received your Wednesday weights and commends. Emails for today’s updates were the last sent on Tutanota. I am going to try to migrate all info over as best as possible.
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  11. MacBuilt

    MacBuilt Member Supporter

    Guess I’m not surprised. Getting messages on Wickr that nothing got sent out.

    ALL CLIENTS: This week WILL NOT COUNT towards your paid time with me. New clients awaiting plans; this will not count towards your time and we’ll extend any lead-in time as promised.

    I will be migrating all plans and emails to proton today.

    Sincere apologies guys...

    If you could, please send me an email at the proton address

    If you can’t thats fine, just one less step for me. Sorry guys...this is a bit embarrassing for me as I expect better service from a coach.
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  12. Mac11wildcat

    Mac11wildcat Member Supporter

    Ok. For real now.

    Everyone is updated. New guys are set. Please provide any and all feedback on changes as always. Thank you guys so much for understanding. Proton is G2G.
  13. JP1979

    JP1979 Member

    Yeah buddy just joined Team MacBuilt! Let’s gooo!
  14. MacBuilt

    MacBuilt Member Supporter

    Everybody has their new shit for the week! If you didn’t, email or wickr me ASAP.

    Couple notes after about 12 weeks of helping you guys:

    1. I want to thank all of you for trusting me here and crushing it

    2. If I gave you cheat meals, FUCKING EAT THEM YOU BASTARDS

    3. Unless you are a competition client (1 of you....and you aren’t in prep) when it’s time for family and shit, like camping trips, family dinners, vacations, etc. pleas DO NOT tell me you’re going to pack meals, eat clean, etc. Make smart choices and don’t eat like an asshole, but please, ENJOY LIFE when the opportunity presents itself. I’m a family man and a competitor. If it’s offseason and my wife bakes cookies...I’m eating them. Vacation? I’m getting the tastiest local cuisine at dinner. Cookout? Eat a full plate. We’re here to improve, but if food is as much a part of your life as it is mine, enjoy when the opportunity arises.
  15. Mac11wildcat

    Mac11wildcat Member Supporter

    Guys I need to make a request.

    I keep the wickr for day to day communication to make sure I’m addressing your needs and you never feel on your own.

    I need to ask that we stop communicating about the check-in you’re about to or just sent. Put it in the email. Check in with me formally on email as scheduled, and leave wickr as a means to address pop-up requests and concerns.
  16. JP1979

    JP1979 Member

    6FD5CBE4-4457-4631-9082-52F4147D91EE.jpeg Starting week 3 on Team MB... 14 weeks to till vacation....Let's goooo!
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  17. Mac11wildcat

    Mac11wildcat Member Supporter

    To all: losing at Vegas was one thing. The remainder of the trip was another.

    I sincerely apologize for my absence. All clients will be given the option for refunds. Obviously if you stay on with me this week is free.

    After competing, my Airbnb AC failed and we were forced to find a hotel late night Saturday. After doing so, all our electronics but my wife’s phone were stolen (both our backpacks with her MacBook, my work laptop, and my phone) off a luggage cart in the lobby.

    I landed late last night, went straight to Verizon this morning, have my phone back. Replacing her laptop today.

    All clients will receive updates by tonight. Not much else to add. Aside from some personal time with my wife for our anniversary the trip was a fucking disaster.
  18. T-Bagger

    T-Bagger Member

    Damn. Sorry to hear all this bro.
  19. JP1979

    JP1979 Member

    That is fucking awful. Fuck Las Vegas!
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  20. When should we be expecting updates on our training and meal plans@MacBuilt @Mac11wildcat?