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    I passed a drug test recently with that exact one. I think I used a little more than half of the heat activator to get the desired temp.
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    The Effects of Cannabidiol on Male Reproductive System

    Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most abundant phytocannabinoids present in the plant Cannabis sativa (marijuana). There have been several studies of CBD in the last few decades, mainly focused on its neuroprotective properties, particularly after the identification of the endocannabinoid system and its participation in the central nervous system. On the other hand, the peripheral effects of CBD, particularly on reproductive physiology, were also evidenced.

    A narrative review was conducted using the PubMed database to identify studies that analyzed the pharmacological effects of CBD on the male reproductive system of vertebrates and invertebrates. Thirty-two citations (in vivo and in vitro) were identified. Among the vertebrates, the studies were carried out with men, monkeys, rats and mice. Studies with invertebrates are centered exclusively on the sea urchin. The CBD treatment periods include mostly acute and subacute evaluations.

    Exposure to CBD is associated with a reduction in mammalian testis size, the number of germ and Sertoli cells in spermatogenesis, fertilization rates, and plasma concentrations of hypothalamic, pituitary and gonadal hormones. Moreover, chronic doses of CBD have impaired sexual behavior in mice.

    From the studies identified in this review, it is possible to conclude that CBD has negative effects on the reproductive system of males. However, knowledge is still limited, and additional research is required to elucidate fully the mechanisms of action, as well as the reversibility of CBD effects on the reproductive system.

    Carvalho RK, Andersen ML, Mazaro-Costa R. The effects of cannabidiol on male reproductive system: A literature review. Journal of applied toxicology : JAT 2019. Error - Cookies Turned Off
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    Is anyone growing indoors? and if so how is your set up? and how do you control the Oder? Just dabbling in basic hydroponics. Only for personal use in a state that doesn’t condone it.
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    I know we have some experienced growers would be cool to have a thread for exactly what your asking.
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    Indeed it would be. I’m just trying to be as stealth as i can lol but it would be cool to learn more.
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    @The ole man has been posting in the Giant Labs thread. Its now his cannabis thread.
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    You use a grow tent with a exhaust fan and carbon filter.
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    Soil grown tastes better than chem hydro
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    Definitely looking into multiple set ups just want something relatively small- have never grown indoors - and just started to read up on the info so any info provided is welcomed and appreciated. But Ive been creeping on your post specifically about this subject. You seem to know what your doing!!
  10. New to the marijuana's. What are some of your favorite brands? Either indicas, sativas or hybrids. Think i have that right. I live in a state where recreational use is legal. Also, is there a place online to get it. I know the dispensaries don't carry everything. Thanks.
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    Stanny, if you're new to "the marijuanas", just take baby puffs of whatever to find your thing. Indicas are geared towards mellow, body highs...Sativas are good daytime heady highs, and hybrids are a happy medium.

    Not sure about online...can't wait for my state to go full freedom!!
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    We’re fully legal recreational here in Michigan It’s great.
  13. Yes sir. Personally i think i would prefer sativas, but i would aslo need some indicas for the pain relief. Heard of something called "super green crack". Would like to give that a try.
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    If I know you, you're the guy that will have a jar of each...a daytime jar and a night time jar. You're spot on about indicas helping with pain.
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    The good news is I’ve never met one that I didn’t like. I tend to buy hybrids though.
  16. I may make my own blend, lol.
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    Solid advice. I’ve been smoking for 30+ Years and still take “baby puffs”. I just like a nice mello head change over being way high and on the edge of gorbing out. There a small window for me of feeling very nice to so stoned I’m not enjoying it.
    I’ve been really liking a 1:1 thc/cbd in cartridge form. Although nothing beats a rip of the green, I like the convenience of the pens.

    I like sativas as well Stanny. Puts me in the right state of mind and just enough energy to make pushing the lawn mower somewhat enjoyable.

    Let us know how it goes for you.
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  18. What about a injectable weed with b12 and albuterol, lmao. Toss in a major tom and.... nvm. Shit just got weird.
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    Lol:p Hell yea!
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    This. It’s very easy to take a sativa and an indica and mix them depending on what you want. I do this

    Also, for pure CBD look for Catatonic #4. Also known as C4. It’s all CBD, no THC. That’s also good for blending.

    There are various Cannabinoids and their ratios will affect your head and/or body. Other compounds like terpenes and flavonoids also affect the action.

    I really strongly recommend canna grown in soil, not hydro.