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    Full disclosure: I don't make any money from Cannasense. There's a minimum you have to spend personally to qualify for any kickbacks from people you refer. I don't spend that much myself. Unfortunately you wouldn't be doing me any favors by joining. You don't need a referral to join but they really seem to want you to have one. Had to rack my brain to find a the video I had watched way back when to get my referral number. If you want to help someone financially you should pick another referral that's more involved than I am. I'm not even sure I'll continue with it at all now that I have moved.
    I take that "legal support" with a grain of salt personally. Its not that I think its false but at the same time I wouldn't believe it till I see it. I got my referral from some video I saw ages ago so I don't have a relationship with that person but I can open a ticket to ask questions. Honestly I've had just as much luck with Facebook messenger on their Facebook page getting questions answered. Let me know if you want me to post that question for you. From their website they say: "The greatest benefit of being a patient with CannaSense is the CannaSense Foundation, whose primary purpose is to provide legal defense teams at no cost to any patient or member who has legal issues as a result of using cannabis."
    Hopefully won't have to worry about any of it before too long if the laws keep changing the way they are.
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    So you are getting kick backs from referrals from your played up "reviews" of this vendor... GOT IT! Now your wildly large posts with these glowing reviews of this weed dealer are starting to make sense...

    Why on earth anyone would deal with a PUBLIC vendor dealing with ILLEGAL goods without any kind of cryptographic security is not making any sense to me. This is a legit drug in the eyes of the government being dealt with in a fully and un-obscured public manner. These guys are taunting the government just as WFN did as well, except for one thing... the feds actually WILL go after people purchasing personal use amounts of this drug, unlike steroids...

    These kinds of business transactions MUST be done on the darkweb with the proper kind of cryptographic security in place.

    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED MESO! Stay far far away from this vendor. It's just weed, I'm sure you know somewhere else to get it.
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  3. I used to live in Oklahoma , and you better think twice about having pot sent to you in that state . Ive seen guys (and gals) sent away for 5 years for one joint . You"d be better off just driving to Colorado....;)
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    Thanks man. I wasn’t going to try because if it worked everyone would use it instead of dark web or the old trusted “guy” method.
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    Don't know where you got that. My initial post was quite short and I wouldn't call it a glowing review. Again, I get no kickbacks or money. I do not qualify. I agree with the rest of your post though. You should be cautious, skeptical, wary, etc of things like this. Consult your own lawyer etc. Just throwing out an option with my "glowing" review of "I signed up a while ago now and so far so good". I didn't even mean for my post to be a recommendation but I guess it is coming across as a strong recommendation even. I will edit the post.

    PS, this part didn't tip you off that I'm still skeptical myself? "They ship legally (so they claim)". That's a rhetorical question by the way. I don't need an answer. I'm not here to argue for this co-op.

    Edit: too late to edit my previous post
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    I have a buddy considering a small indoor grow for personal use. He's thinking 1-2 plants within an indoor grow tent. He's got some questions if someone here is knowledgeable on the subject.

    First question he has...the tent will be in an unfinished basement. He plans to use a carbon filter scrubber to control odor and keep it ventilated. Other than dumping the exhaust duct out of the tent in the open basement air, what are his other options?
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    I'd recommend your buddy purchase a complete grow tent set up from amazon. There are other options to eliminate order other than what you described, but what you described is such a simple and low cost method that my lazy ass would simply use.

    My fan sits outside my tent and is screwed on a chair (chopped off part where you lean back on). Air duct connects my fan into grow tent which is connected to carbon filter. Fan sucks air from inside tent.

    Good luck to your friend
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    Got and recommendations on the tent set ups on amazon?
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    Lowell Cafe occupies a low-profile corner lot in West Hollywood, across from a synagogue, one block away from a Ralph’s grocery store. Just a few streets away, on Sunset Boulevard, there’s an In-N-Out Burger that’s usually packed with folks who have taken advantage of California’s thriving legal weed market. But now, instead of getting baked and ordering a Double-Double, they can head to Lowell Cafe, where people 21 and over can eat food and smoke weed at the same time — legally.

    When we pass through the wrought-iron gates on La Brea on opening night, security checks our ID. A host leads us to a table at the back of the lounge, past gleeful-looking diners sharing french fries, bongs and joints. The room is warm and homey, with a gleaming copper bar, exposed brick walls, and simple wooden tables, arranged bistro-style. Ferns flutter in a lightly circulating breeze — despite the roomful of folks puffing and passing, there’s no noticeable haze, thanks to a high-end air filtration system.

    In accordance with California’s cannabis laws, no alcohol is sold at Lowell Cafe. However, the weed menu is thrilling in its size and scope, with 14 pages of bud, concentrates, edibles, vapes, and accessories. Tantalizingly named eighths of flower like Orange Creamsicle and Sugar Kiss are listed alongside Black Gelato and Kushberry Cheesecake pre-rolls, infused Keef Cola drinks, and bewilderingly titled concentrates like Watermelon Short Cook Live Rosin and Ghost Hulk #25 Persy Sauce. Each section of the menu includes an estimate of onset and duration times depending on how you choose to partake: Edibles are “incredibly long lasting,” and concentrates bear the warning “Highly potent. For experts only.” Visitors can bring their own cannabis, as long as they pay a $20 “tokeage” fee. Smoking accessories from brands like Puffco, PAX and Summerland Ceramics are available to rent for a fee.
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    Lol man you brought flashbacks. I used to grow great plants in my NYC home. But had to stop. It was just a thing to see how far I can take it. My best plants where my dros and had several other in guano. I had my cloning chamber, co2 tank all minerals from seedlings to flower.

    Anazon has some great tents. Although I bought mines used from someone in Craigslist.
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    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

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    Long story short I'm spending way to much coin on edibles from the dispensary.
    I know how to make edibles but not how to dose them. My sweet spot for edibles is around 35-40mg.
    Anyone out there have any good ideas on how to properly dose my own edibles?
    Thanks guys.
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    How are you making the edibles? Using flower or a concentrate? Also what kind of edible are you making? Brownie, cookie, gummy, etc.? Either way you will need to know the relative THC concentration or you will have to take an educated guess on the range. I think even if you are fairly confident on the concentration of whatever you are using you will want to experiment starting slow when consuming...or throw caution to the wind and roll the dice haha!
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    I just eat a measured amount of RSO or add RSO to any food item... but that’s not necessarily a real edible.
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    I use flower for edibles.
    Right around 6 grams for a brownie or cake mix.
    Some pieces i get tore up. Some only a little buzz.
    I can't get consistency.
    Which is why i like the dispensary edibles. I know exactly how much is in each one.
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    You're not just breaking down bud are you? You have to make canna butter

    A Beginner’s Guide to Making Weed Butter

    If you are dead set on using bud, first of all it's going to taste bad, but you have to break it down and process it. Meaning put it in a food processor with whatever you're mixing and let it break down and blend.

    You can also buy the butter from the dispensary and just cook with it
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    Yeah bro i grind up 6 grams into a fine powder.
    I add the ground bud into the oil I'm using for the brownies or cake.
    I let simmer for about 2 hours on very low heat. I now strain the oil in with the rest of the brownie ingredients and bake as directed.
    You think there's an easier way?
    Should i make butter instead?
    Thanks for the reply.
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