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I got them bcause i got addys every month. But dont always take them so i read modafs are simliar wanted to check em out. I only took three since i had them.
I dont think they give as much of a dopamine rush as adderrall, but modafs have been carrying me thru college with flying colors for the past year. They're more for when you have to focus on something and get shit done. Theyre supposed to not let histamine get re-uptaked in your brain so you have a bunch of histamine floating around and you're super awake


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naps is the absolute best! I've had no problems ordering since 12 times now!!!
I live in switzerland so it's clear they get the job done no matter where you are @
already put on 5 lbs!! :)



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Always solid with naps honestly only ugl that I find legit... Got some eminence test and deca.. Some Geneza orals caber and Adex.. All seems fair game. Bloods will tell..