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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by naps, Sep 16, 2013.

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    I by no means am saying what you guys have been through is a lie or false , I have even said I feel bad for anyone naps has fucked over. Would I have ordered from them if I knew about this before hand ? Probably not , but I did. I’ve made around 4 orders from them and all have been legit and 100%
    Have I ordered from them in a while ? No

    But yeah . Don’t get me wrong man, I’m not a Naps advocate and truly feel bad for the shit hey pulled years ago.
    Don’t want there to be a misunderstanding with that.
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    And savage , the hug comment wasn’t towards you...
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    And harm includes the wallet of others bc that is also an overlooked side effect of PEDs
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    Still I will give napsgear all the good reviews I can and get my 30% talk all shit you want trollssss I have a life thats why I'm not on here 24/7 like you bitchs
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    Kill this thread.
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    Fixed :)
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  7. So you're not just a bootlicking discount whore, you're a busy, bootlicking discount whore. Great to have you aboard.
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    It is a natural thing for all new Naps-ters to gravitate to this very thread
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  9. Naps and his yes men left Meso a long time ago.
    If these noobs want to slob knob for a discount, they should probably take their contrived bullshit to a forum where Naps will actually see it. Just my thoughts...
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    Agreed 100% and too many noobs believe Naps is still here lmao.
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    their andromix was always killer until last batch so I guess they are hit or miss but I trust a huge facility in moldova more then some of the bathtub brew crap I have bought.
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    Hell yeah. Let’s all order from Moldova where the drinking water is sketchy ;)
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    Damn man I always wanted a matching AK with my shell toes
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    Lol every time I hear Moldova or something I think of some Russian/Slavic dudes in Adidas track suits with the jacket zipped half way down exposing a wife beater and a gold chain brewing test in some rusty dirty warehouse.
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    What?! This thread is still being bumped? Good God.
    I love this!^^^
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    I have ordered from naps a half dozen times at least. After haveibg had my personal information made public it will be my last.
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    No better place to buy what.
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    Lol at this thread being buried. Oops:oops:
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    There's a reason why it's an insult to be called a moldovian. "Don't be a maldavon"
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