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Does anybody know when naps will get more alpha pharma test c in stock? It's said "coming soon" for months.

and you're welcome for the naps bump.


You're talking to me like you want to fight
We’re telling you cause your an idiot!!!

You keep ordering from them.. they have been compromise .. you want to deal with someone who keeps customers private mailing addresses.. go ahead.. their whole operation is hacked .. you you still receive free stuff.. real smart ..

You can take what we say here personal, that’s how it is here to wake you the fuck up!!

Harm reduction and security is big here and if you can’t figure that out yet .. than good luck..


Somebody jealous! Fuck naps haters!

You're dumb enough to think that naps would give somebody free stuff for bumping a thread that nobody reads.

Yes, Naps and others do give free gear and discount for dickpulls and bumps here n there..... But jokes on us, you're right.....

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