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  1. No college.... hahaha that was joke guys.
  2. it's the quiet ones you gotta worry about
    There is without a doubt enough prior/active mil here a man wouldn't make it long on stolen valor. Grunts, bat boys, SF, team members they are all here...and don't take kindly to imposters.

    Not questioning your integrity Spartacus just a general statement for all lurking
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    Trukk, be quiet. I've watched you try and get comfy in this role of "peace" maker and welcome wagon that should be loved and allowed to run around foolishly wanting to be patted on the head before wandering off to sit on the lap of the next person that just wants you to not drool on them or go poopey in your pants.
    This fucking idiot is taking the "all american soldier" angle just before putting asking you to give him money for his gear. You all of a sudden going to start asking the most honest and patriotic man in the world to show proof of something?
    I guarantee this fucking guy has no association to any military anything except a possible future hanging out at the Salvation Army all day after this stupid thread is forgotten.
    A new source should not be allowed to make claims like this idiot does as it;s clearly a ploy for him to be seen as honest.
    Wonder how his superiors are gonna feel about his becoming a drug dealer? Hey trukk, just a reminder...shut up, stupid.
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    You don't make sense. You are the meso equal of the old wwf guy that ran around with a flag wrapped around him and a 2 x 4 running around drooling and giving the thumbs up screaming "Whoa". That was stupid, also.
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    They are not valid. They are unfortunately a matter record here. It has nothing to do with not agreeing with you? It has everything to do with them being meaningless and pointless. If this guy dressed up as a USO nurse you'd be jumping around saluting everyone.
    Let whomever it is that is enjoying all this free time while you play on the computer that we'll be sending you back soon and that next time he or she wants to do something nice for us like letting you play here all day don't come looking for thanks and to be told you're welcome to dump your headache here again.

  6. Hack saw Jim Duggan....Hahahaha that dude was mildly retarded

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    Welcome Spartacus, nice opening thread bro
  8. Thanks Bro, likewise Welcome.
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  10. Thanks Bro, glad being here.