Ok lets see your ladies!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jayb, Feb 13, 2015.

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    I'm calling bullshit! I need to see more nudes of her. Not convinced its the same girl next to you. A few different angles please just to be sure. Thanks
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  2. MaxVolume

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    Guess you have some reading to do because I’ve posted plenty of pics of her throughout this thread.
  3. MaxVolume

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    First one is on me, the rest you gotta search for yourself.
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  4. Xragexx

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    I think he was just wanting you to post more pics, brosef
  5. Senorman

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    ^ Cuz your girl is hot, duuude.
  6. anfee

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    I have so many questions lol

    Regardless, I appreciate the hell out of it. I’d put my face in it. All day.
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  7. MCFC

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    Nice cleavage in that top lol!
  8. bull48

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    This is a good thread
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    Here is my baby girl, got to love those Bdsm dynamics. The greatest relationship I've ever had the privilege of being part of 31bd2808-f911-4f83-a6d0-ed15e5652a1c.png d67f9f59-3bfd-4f84-b0c5-b146e9861e22.png ab363617-74d9-4cab-811d-1dd13d659b6b.png
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  11. Morefyah

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    Safe word?
  12. Roco Bama

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  13. Cramps88

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    No we have left the dynamic build organically based on complete power exchange and trust.
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  14. Cramps88

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    No safewords she trusts me to know when she has been pushed to her limits.
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    I’m not into any of that shit but my girlfriend likes it when a bite her ass. Oh and she likes beings choked a little. :eek:
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    This thread is full of win :)
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