Ok lets see your ladies!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jayb, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. Cramps88

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    Safeword supercalifragilisticexpialidocious:D
  2. Xragexx

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    Geez bro, from the looks of those cheeks if you all had a safe word I think it would have to be, “OHGODBLOODEVERYWHERE”
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  3. Cramps88

    Cramps88 Member

    In case anyone is curious. That particular session a flogger, two canes (thin and thick), belt, studded leather paddle, 3/4 thick wood paddle, nine tails whip, thick rope, and good ol hands.
  4. Mac11wildcat

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    Jesus H Fuck
  5. Sparkyp

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    "Thank you sir may I please have another?"
  6. bickel29

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    Jesus, that sounds way too serious and way too complicated and way too organized.;);)

    Me and the ol' lady just wake up and live every day. Whatever we feel like doing, we do. She does what she wants to do, I do what I wanna do, we fuck when we wanna fuck. No choreography needed!:D

    You and your girl use more tools and gimmicks than most of us use when building an addition on our homes! Lol

    To each his own, though, Cramps, and I think it's cool that you and yer girl do whatcha wanna do, but DAYYUM that sounds too serious and like too much work!:)
  7. Roger rabbit

    Roger rabbit Member

    One time my wife wanted to be tied up. Found out it was her fantasy.

    I went out and got those straps you put on bed. Grabbed her when she came home and tossed on bed and the resr is history...

    But.... that shit was too much damn work like u said. One time thing... hope she liked it lnfao !
  8. Cramps88

    Cramps88 Member

    I've got her in restraints there. How have you been my friend it's been awhile.
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  9. Roger rabbit

    Roger rabbit Member

    Doing good brother. Small injury on my left shoulder. Can’t seem to shake it, but other than that everything is going great man!

    How are you doing ?
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  10. Cramps88

    Cramps88 Member

    I've been better went through some shit over the last few months but I'm bouncing back.
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  11. MaxVolume

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    Happy New Year to everyone (I know, little late to the party).

    I was fortunate enough to spend my Christmas week in a coma in ICU on life support after suffering a seizure and acute kidney failure, so I’m kinda just happy to be alive right now with nothing more than a fractured/severely sprained left forearm/wrist/hand and a lot of bruises after almost taking a permanent dirt nap.

    So yeah, I’m just feeling happy and fortunate enough to be posting (and breathing, etcand kind of have a new perspective on life). IMG_8009.jpg
  12. Wood4days

    Wood4days Member

    From gear?

    Get well soon brother. Happy new year! New year new life.
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  13. Burrr

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    you out of the hospital? what came first, the kidney failure or the passing out and landing on the left hand?
  14. Mac11wildcat

    Mac11wildcat Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    What happened?!??
  15. MaxVolume

    MaxVolume Member

    I’m sure it contributed. I think my kidneys were weakened/overloaded from Dbol, but other factors contributed. I suffer from sleep deprivation/issues and had been awake for somewhere around 68-72 hours, tripped/fell down my stairs (I think from the seizure, but falling and bracing myself with my left arm is literally the only thing I remember from Sunday night-Wednesday night when I woke up in ICU), my 17-year-old daughter found me in the living room floor at the the bottom of the stairs and called 911, which in itself was pretty much a completely lucky occurrence since she was staying the night at her friends and only happened to swing by the house to pick up something she had forgotten. Apparently I was extremely combative trying to fight off or fight with the paramedics, nurses in the ER and the doctors and rip out my breathing tube and all of the monitor tabs they had put on me, and once there they discovered that my kidneys were failing, my liver was an issue (I don’t drink) and thought I was going to die so they put me in a medically induced coma hoping that my body would recover. Apparently I was supposed to die Monday evening or Tuesday and the crazy thing is I have no recollection of any of this whatsoever. I think my blood pressure was something like 172/109 when I woke up as well.

    Appreciate it.

    I think I had the seizure which caused me to pass out/go catatonic when I was going down my stairs and I ate it face first, only catching myself with my left arm.

    See above. Honestly most of what I know so far has all come from friends or family that happened to be there, or show up shortly after, and fill me in on all the blanks.

    Whole thing seems surreal, especially since I was unconscious/in a coma for most of it. When I woke up I literally had no clue where I was, how long I had been there, what led to me being there or why I was there for any reason.

    Weirdest feeling. I almost died and I don’t remember experiencing any of it.

    And for full disclosure, I had gone to a party at clubs been in San Diego Saturday nights I didn’t end until 4:30 AM and I did take half of an ecstasy pill, which apparently was spiked/cut with shit because on my toxicology report I tested positive for meth which I have definitely never intentionally taken in my life.

    This is how I spent Christmas Day, in a coma on life-support restrained to a hospital bed.
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  16. Mac11wildcat

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    Glad you’re back my dude. Rest up.
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  17. gr8whitetrukker

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    Thats pretty impressive typing for 1 good hand
    I have trouble with 2 good hands and 10 fingers on the typical cell phone keyboard
  18. bickel29

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    Sorry you almost died and all, but this IS the "let's see your ladies" thread after all, so if you are gonna post here about your near death experience and include a pic as you did, the pic of you and the misses in the hospital, your misses is going to have to reveal more than that!;):)

    Thread rules. Just how it is. I don't make the rules, I just post here.

    Seriously, I'm glad you're still around to post at all. Sounds like you were burning it at both ends, brother. Here's to hoping you make a full recovery and also make some changes to what and how much you're putting in your body so you don't end up in this situation again, my good man.

    Good luck with your recovery, and keep us updated on your progress.
  19. MaxVolume

    MaxVolume Member

    Appreciate it man. Yeah, I realize I was doing a bit much and like you said burning the candle at both ends, not giving my body a chance to really rest and recover and putting it through quite a hell of a lot. Already made, and still have to make, a lot of changes, including eliminating some bad influences and people I just don’t need around me.

    Sorry, this is the best I can do it this time. My girl was in NYC this weekend on a work trip and met up with one of her longtime-girlfriends for brunch. IMG_8085.jpg
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  20. Dw725

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    Running gear , and rolling at the club , and aren't you in your 40's? I'm sure you weren't just rolling and were drinking too? Dehydration pretty common on x. Sweating your fucking ass off and dancing, not drinking enough fluids. Kidney failure not a surprise .

    Poor choices , GL with recovery.