Ok lets see your ladies!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jayb, Feb 13, 2015.

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    Best part is how immensely massive the photo gets when you click it for closer inspection.
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  2. i can't remember who that was, but they were great. You know, i bet you he probably still has that pic, along with a few others.
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    Release The Krakken

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    Sure would be nice if he would post or Pm them ;)
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    Very nice! My kind of boobies :bows:

    This is my ex. She had the best boobs of any girl I’ve ever dated. I found after a few weeks that she had just got them 6 months prior. Her mom bought them for her as a present/confidence booster after her and her don’t father had split up 6 months prior to that. I got to break them in.

    Can we not post videos? I’ve never tried before and I haven’t spent any time at all trying to research it or figure out if we can other than just asking this question.

    Here are a couple screen grabs. She used to make some sexy vids. Looking for the other one with the banana that’s better than these 2 clips.
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  7. MaxVolume

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    Can we post vids/clips?

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    Depends on what you mean by vids - porn? The rule is no hyperlinks I believe. I defer to @MisterSuperGod for the official answer to this one.
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    Something about her boob job looks "off center", if that makes sense? If you would not have said she had a boob job, I wouldn't have thought she did.
  11. MCFC

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    Kinda hard to tell with those pics. I'd have to see them just hanging there by themselves lol. She seems to have nice cleavage... Wonder what size she was before the job? Her nipples do seem to sit up pretty damn high for such larges tits tho but that's just being picky I wouldn't really care.
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    Her areola are almond shaped like alien eyes. I’d still suck them though.
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  13. i'm assuming he means a private video. i don't believe he can directly upload one via the forum software. If he can, i don't believe i've ever seen someone do it.

    i believe he has to use something like YouTube or another hosting site, then link to it here. As far as the porn rule goes, it has something to do with Google pushing search results with porn in them down in rank, so Meso may not show up at the top of a Google search, despite being the most relevant result.

    In turn, that could lower potential traffic to Meso and as websites go, the more traffic the better.

    The only way around all this would probably be to upload the video to a hosting service and post the link here in a coded format so that Google can't index it.
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    It is a video she might be swinging them bad boys around. Either way I agree. Wouldn’t see them while there in my mouth anyway. Wish I could get some hot chick to send me a video or 4. You did say Ex right @J.DoubleU.O. o_O J/K
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    I’ll see if I can find it. It’s much better.
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    Maybe you could do a gif compilation
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    Found this in an album from high school...
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    @Hawkins careful. High school.... If those are underage in that Pic I'd delete it
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    True. @Millard Baker a little help, sir.
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    Since this thread dead af received_584512711957809.jpeg received_2248238088574870.jpeg received_509533082918494.jpeg