Ok lets see your ladies!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jayb, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. This thing is still alive?
    Wonder who I was fuckin, damn thread is like the ghost of pussy past o_O
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    Hate when the pics attach as locked attachments I don’t have permission to access/view.
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    Regardless of what anyone else thinks, my girl is the sexiest woman in the world to me. Girl somehow got me to settle down and now has me sprung (I’m a sucker for the Playboy Playmate / Barbie doll type). Not sure how I got so lucky.

  4. Mac11wildcat

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    This is the goal bro, no need to care what anyone else thinks.
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    My girl’s a bad B IMG_0752.jpg

    HIGHRISK Member

    Damn she still has my name tattooed back there? Kidding :p

    You’re a lucky man. And you shouldn’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks about you or your girl. If she’s a princess to you then end of story.
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    I'll say, she got those lines on her shoulders that says she squats with a real bar and weights. None of that smith machine bull shit. Good on you bro.
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    Which one you have your eye on?
  10. MCFC

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    I almost feel the pain of the ONE brunette on the end having to be with that many damn blondes lol! They all look like some hoes to me with the exception of her...except op's lady of course.
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    You Nailed It! In my opinion :cool:
    She would bed Mindlesswork to get away from all that bleach!:D
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    Wish my lady wouldn't have a stroke if i posted some pics of her. We're older folks..lol..both on the + side of 50 and she's a little older than me...AND SHE IS RIDICULOUSLY STILL HOT..She still has the body of a 30 something..Not sure how I got so lucky
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    View attachment 114100
    That's 55 yrs old...
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    Damn! She looks great! My wife is 48 and looks mid 30s. She would kill me if I posted though. You're a brave man! And lucky.....
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    Haha...i asked first...Have to respect the lady...And thanks man, I think she looks amazing
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    Holy moly bro ,shes a stunner!!
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    Wow, definately not what I think of when I hear 55yr old. She looks fantastic sir.