Ok lets see your ladies!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jayb, Feb 13, 2015.

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    That is your personal opinion, which I happen not to agree with.

    Breast implants or hard pass.
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    Same here for sure! My wife's are pretty big also and I am talking her into even bigger ones soon!
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    I agree for when they're older but theres no way breast implants are better than 18-25yo natural tits. I still remember my 21yo wife jumping up and down and her pointy c cups would just jiggle. I'm not saying all women either.
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    A personal opinion is exactly that so there isn’t much you can say but godamn young tits are nice.

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    I’m a small boob man. My wife has perfect little perky A-cup boobies. Now that booty on the other hand, look out! big booty, small waist, small boobies, thick thighs!
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    In no way can that be BETTER than big booty, small waist, BIG NATTY BOOBS, thick thighs lol. Just messing with you bro

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    Lol, we all have our preferences.
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    My wife is 41 & has perfect real hand size tits(no kids keeps them perky) & tight ass. Still has the body of a 20yr old from working out. For me i just don't care if they are huge. But that being said, I can appreciate all shapes & sizes.
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    I absolutely wouldn’t doubt that your wife had amazing boobs at 21 and I know there are a lot of girls in the 18 to 25 range that probably have nice tits. However I prefer implants whether they’re 18, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75...you get the picture.

    I prefer how big they are and how nicely shaped and round and non-saggy. I just think they’re better period. I have literally only dated maybe 2-3 girls without implants since my daughter’s mother and I split 10+ years ago, and she was only 5’ and 98 lbs and had natural big perky C cups. But I still prefer(red) implants to those as well, and always do.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve dated a couple of girls tthat had perfect or really nice looking tits that turned out feeling terrible and were heavy and too firm like a pair of sandbags and were a huge disappointment.

    Real tits are like false advertising or a tease. They typically look great houses in a nice bra or top, only to be a massive disappointment when they’re no longer being propped up or held in place or half their cleavage came from the bra itself.

    I am a proud member/supporter/fan/might-as-well-be president of the BTC!
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    Here is my babygirl!



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    Yezzz sir!! Nationally qualified and training for a pro card very soon!
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    She’s looks incredible!
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    Awesome man, congrats to you and to her. She looks great. My wife has the genetics to compete so easy if she wanted to it makes me sick. She has crazy good genetics. She can slack off for a month then eat clean and train for one week and abs, shoulders start poppin, waist shrinks, it’s crazy. And she’s all natty, never touched anything more than a preworkout. She just doesn’t have enough interest in it to stick to a prep, let alone a meal plan for longer than a week lol.
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    That’s awesome bro.. mine is Italian and French so she packs on muscle quickly.. crazy genetics as well! She’s definitely a keeper!
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    I dont really have a preference, real or fake, as long as they're nice!
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    Our 1 year anniversary in cabo, she still got it goin on!
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    Wait...it's not courtesy hand jobs... .I got carpel tunnel for fookin nothing. (not sure why I swear with an Irish accent)
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