Ok lets see your ladies!!!

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    I'm just trying to share a pic of her (Yes she knows) and maybe some appreciate it and maybe not. It won't change my opinion. Im not really trying to talk about her life on an PED forum. I gas her up on FB all the time.
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    Ah, well sorry for wanting to know more about the precious beauty in your pic :p

    In Sweden we say "If you have said A then you have to say B." Loosely translated as it is bad to hold out info once you have given a little tease.
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  4. IMG_9382.png
    Can’t pass up the opportunity
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    Little bitty
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  7. Thank ya sir!
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    She enjoys it just as much as we do. Appreciate the compliments fellas
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    Hell yeah! Mine does too.
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    Always getting these while I'm at work. IMG_5986.jpg
  11. The men’s version of getting roses lol Very nice
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  13. My pleasure sir, glad to contribute!
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    Yes sir!
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    The woman from her trip down south out of the cold. Polish_20191208_161442437.jpg
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    6 surgeries in less than a year and a half but I was able to finally talk her into taking some more pics

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  17. Hey fellas, the ex’s count? Lol
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    Putting the Belt to new uses eh?
    Fuck, there's an idea LOL

    Good on you bro, you're dealing with top shelf women.
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