Ok lets see your ladies!!!

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    Nice eyes! It is blue eyes and it will get even more rare with the years! It's at 8% now of the world wide population. Those recessive genes :)
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    Well I guess her and I are special being part of the 8% then.
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    Get it back on track god damn it!

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  4. B Ware

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    In honor of the wife’s Birthday!

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  6. KetoMuscles

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    No class! Goof!

    @B Ware , you honour us with such a wonderful pic.
    Happy birthday to the missus.
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  7. TRT@40

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    Beautiful brutha! You fortunate to have fit partner in life. And she is lean!
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    My hero!!

    Her lats look amazing by the way. Pay no mind to the homo.
  9. Artifex

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    Happy Birthday to Wifey ! Beautiful picture
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  10. Human_backhoe

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    Classy as fuck! Happy birthday to her.
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  11. Sworder

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    First of all, I was joking about the lats comment but most you guys are too smart to understand that.

    Explain the logic about how you are honoring your wife by spending time on your phone or computer uploading pictures of her naked body?

    Here is the thing, it isn't to celebrate her. It's all about YOU. It's about YOUR need to get people on this board to Envy you. It's disgusting that you think that you are honoring her but in fact you are making yourself feel better about yourself. I know why YOU have to resort to these types of things and I am not going to go balls deep on you.

    Also, all you other degenerates that like his post, you guys have the same values and everything I said about B Ware applies to you low-life women abusers.

    Good day,
    *tips hat*
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  12. Oldschool

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    Hope you and your boyfriend have a Happy Thanksgiving! :)
  13. Sworder

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    I don't have a boyfriend, I was going to start cooking today though for myself. And something for my cats tomorrow. You have a good Thanksgiving too!
  14. Oldschool

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    Sorry to hear that. Explains alot about yourself though.
    Full of advice on everything that is "life" but have nothing but yourself and a fucking litterbox that needs cleaning.
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    Lol some women (same as us ) work hard to gain the physique they desire. It is up to them what they choose to share. A picture like that is not crass but classy and beautiful . There is absolutely nothing abusive about that. Working hard together to stay in shape in the in this world is a rare thing. Common goals and putting in the work to achieve it is rarer still. I wouldn't post a pic of my wife without permission..... If she wanted it seen and was proud to of the work she put in, then why the fuck not.

    Fuck Sworder.... You of all people holding on to a dogma that is no longer relevant to our time and age lol?
  16. Sworder

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    Yes, I do not have a big family. I actually only have one family member in this state. I do not have a girlfriend, I have three cats, one stray that has been coming here for 2 years. His dad was a stray too that used to come here but died. I recently got a roommate this past month but he won't be here so I will be alone mainly tomorrow. A couple friends will come by to eat some food and some Swedish dishes however.

    So yes, that is me. Btw, I don't have a litterbox one of the reasons I have stayed here is because the cats can go outside and hang out as well as do their business.

    Do I have little? Am I sad?
    Let me have it! I am down to hear what you think or anybody else does about my situation.

    I mean those questions and would appreciate you answering them honestly.
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  17. Sworder

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    Any behavior that is excessive or deviant indicates psychological trauma or stress. Yes, women are even more prone to stress than we are and there are a lot of narcissistic women too. Bear in mind that anybody that uses a syringe to increase their vanity is certainly narcissistic. I don't mean that term in a derogatory way but rather to explain a person's values.

    It isn't really up to them to choose what they share. They are doing it out of a compulsion to "gain respect." Same concept of Facebook, showing everybody how great their life is.
    Somebody that truly treasures a beautiful woman would include words of endearment or something like that. But look at his post. Nothing about her at all. It's very carnal.

    I didn't say the act of posting a picture is abusive. I said he is abusive to women. He isn't the type of guy that helps his woman cook food, that's BELOW him.

    Depends where you look, if you look at the lower and middle class America. Yes it is rare, because most people are full of disgusting values.

    I think I made my stance a little clearer. And abusing women is unfortunately still relevant and prevalent.
    *I used the word prevalent mainly because it rhymes pretty nicely with relevant.
  18. LeoTC

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    Your assertion that posting a photo is an indicator of abuse is absolutely absurd.

    Hell, if anything my Ex abused me by your standards. I cooked literally every meal she ate unless we went out or one of us was out of town.

    I did the vast majority of our laundry, errands, etc.

    You make some pretty wild assumptions, but that shit and equating it to abuse it too much.

    Even for you.
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  19. Sworder

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    Okay well how do you define abuse? If I think I am better than you, that you are menial compared to me. Do you think we will have a healthy relationship when I think of you that way? I.e. "My time is more important than yours."

    You should adore and think your partner is better than you, and VICE VERSA. That's where the beauty comes in when you can establish such a serene and symbiotic relationship.

    These assumptions are wild to you? To me it is obvious.

    B Ware(and anybody in this thread) has a narcissistic personality, he thinks of women as below him. Therefore, he abuses women.

    I don't mean to say that as physical abuse, but B Ware has hit women before I would say 30-40% of you have gotten physical with women.

    Good, now you know how it feels to be with somebody with a strong narcissistic personality. Did she call you "stupid?" I would bet my money she did, she "knew" she was smarter than you anyway.

    That's what B Ware is doing to his wife. B Ware's wife comes from a home where the Dad was abusive to the Mother. That's why she takes his crap, because she thinks that's how the world works. I have said it before, our partners are almost mirror images of us.

    Keep in mind all your women have it too. Or else they wouldn't be your women. Some men, like yourself have narcissistic traits and that will sometimes lead to them being the one that always gives. I would peg you for being that type. You find pleasure in giving other's pleasure, their happiness is your happiness. It is extreme and it is deviant, you Sir. Have trauma and stress to deal with!

    Bear in mind, when I say B Ware I am referring to him specifically in this case but everything applies to most you guys reading this as well.
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  20. Single man + cats (plural) = gay!