Private Sources and Why They Aren't the Answer

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  1. Curtis murray

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    Personally I have 110% good things to say about my source. It's email based and they've never done me wrong. Advanced pharma and British dragon products just to name a few.

    Just email samson at secure nym dot net.

    As for a current price listing and presto. They have incentives for repeat purchasers and they get it to you within 7 working days.

    I'd go with them. No bs at all.
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    all this bullshit and your 1st post, what a retard.

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  5. MindlessWork

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    Looks like the one-post wonders decided to drop in...
  6. anthonyclark1

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    Sometimes Public Sources retire become private and provide for a select few, I like the feedback I get from my brothers & sisters on the board when they have a public sponsor, also I like to support my board sponsor's. I started on Steroidworld many moons ago.
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  7. Craig224

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    I have a question for everyone who wants to answer. So I've ordered from two sources on the dark web.. Both products turned out bunk. But yet both vendors has excellent reviews.

    How is that? I'm no expert, but I have 12+ years experience with different products. I know my body and of course blood levels don't lie.

    So, how are these guys surviving this long selling bunk stuff?? And how are their reviews so good?
  8. RandallNowan

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    Have you had success/good experience buying other things off the DW before?
  9. Craig224

    Craig224 Junior Member

    Well, no not really. Two sources turned out bunk. I have one I haven't tried yet though.
  10. Cody Smith

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    I'm trying to order for my fist time how do i do that??
  11. Evom1

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    Selective scamming. They may put out plenty of good gear and also plenty of bad. The guys who get bad gear will be shunned as liars
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  12. Craig224

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  13. Naugahyde

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    I joined the dark web with Tor & an IP vanish service mainly to source pucker GH. Wasn't the Candy store I was expecting! you Lots of the usual suspects - cheap generics like Kigs, Hyge, etc . Not much variety, prices similar. Not worth the extra effort imo. If one was after some roxy's or narcotics maybe!
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