Private Sources and Why They Aren't the Answer

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  1. No, I will not explain my "rationale" or anything else to you because you have clearly demonstrated on numerous occasions that you are incapable of comprehending all but the most rudimentary of explanations of the simplest concepts. To state that in terms that even you can comprehend, I don't suffer fools and you most certainly are a fool.

    Now sleep if off, Paul, or you'll be back here in a few days when you sober up, sniveling and begging the forum's forgiveness. Again.
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    You are so fucking full of shit. Like I said, You have viciously attacked every source that has posted on this board until 6 months ago when for some reason you stopped posting as much and allowed the board to became a better board for our members. In cbs's vision of Mesorx there are not sources for our members to use that are accountable to this board. Having absolutely no evidence that a source has scammed anyone here or has been slinging counterfeit or under dosed gear has never been a problem for you, before you begin making false allegations about those sources.

    I'm just speaking the truth man. You are a very destructive member on this board.You don't train or use steroids ? I get it, you are here to save us.

    How's that for comprehending dick head?
  3. What happened to you yesterday, Paul? Did you smoke all of your meth Friday night and spend yesterday sleeping?

    Coming from a retard like you, that's pretty funny.

    Have you fucked your sister lately, Paul? I heard she wasn't putting out anymore after you knocked her up. That's gotta suck, huh?

    Prove it. Post one example of me making false allegations. If it's as rampant as you're suggesting, it shouldn't be difficult to provide one example.

    Back up your bullshit or look like an even bigger imbecile than you already do (hard to believe that's even possible, I know).

    LMFAO. Ever heard of cognitive dissonance, Paul? How about projection? (Obviously a rhetorical question. A moron like you isn't capable of comprehending either concept, let alone be aware of them.)

    Anyone as experienced as you with dick and giving head should be an expert at comprehending it.

    See how grammar matters, Paul? I know you don't, it was another rhetorical question but it's still funny as fuck. Lmfao

    Now go see your sister, Paul. Her pimp is away for the weekend so you'll probably get lucky if you bring some meth. If not, your mom just got out of jail (Again!) and she's always willing to give a quick blowjob for a hit on the meth pipe, and she has no teeth so that's an added bonus. Godspeed, Paul.

    BTW, Paul - you're vermin.
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  4. LMAO! ^^
  5. jaymaximus

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    This seems funny coming from the guy who started this thread:

    Fartacom is leaving this board.
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    I was watching football all day faggot, and you were thinking of me? I'm not flattered.
    How do you do it A punk who has never trained or even uses steroids. jaymaximus is one of Mesorx's 1 year vets. And for your information J there was a problem with fartacom, and there probably still is.

    And personally I think cbs should have been on that too. He never saw a source he didn't hate.
  7. Big_paul

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    I don't think he needs your help does he? He's a big boy, or a little boy. My money is on tiny. That's why he posts on Mesox. No one will take a jack hammer to his face here. It's a good survival strategy.
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    CBS is a grown man. He can account for himself. My problem is with you. Attacking sources and admitting you source yourself.

    My problem is with you saying shit like this below. Thinking you can say and do whatever you want, then blame the drugs or alcohol later and say you're sorry. Other people may buy that shit. But not me, you lost all credibility and respect in my eyes. I know that doesn't matter to a man who obviously has no self respect.

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  9. Big_paul

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    Lets get the facts straight. This board would have no sources if cbs had his way. I'm not the guy who has been running sources off for years. I challenged pcom because of the complaints about their products.

    And as far as being a source, I have been very transparent. I have never sold steroids online here or anywhere else.
  10. You have your own thread now, Paul. Take advantage of it. BigPaul's Meltdown Thread
  11. MeatHead5611

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    I think price factor, and maybe payment method makes the difference why private source might seem to be a better option. ( my opinion ).
    Some over seas Pharma's charge outrageous prices, and man the shipping fee's, then the waiting, might pass customs might not, then time you pay MG or WU transfer fees..smh
    by this time you have enof invested you could have bought double from a private source.
  12. Terry La Tunguley

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    Why aren't there credible reliable sources ever listed easy for a new member to seek out help from? I join all these good to read forums and never do i get any solid leads to the trust worthy test?
  13. Burrr

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    A reliable source is not something everyone wants to share. You never know when that reliable source is going to become unreliable, and nobody wants to recommend a source that may become a shitty one. I also want my reliable source to stay small volume, better service for me and less risk

    Have you checked source review boards, they put the best sources in a top ten list.
    ha, I wish it was that easy, You are better off looking on a source review board than here on meso, but you should disregard the top ten. You need to find some members that look real and see what gear they use.

    Meso, not a place to find a source to use. Better for finding what source not to use. Most good sources avoid this place
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  14. Ackmud

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    what's the difference between meso vs a "source board" (honest question), there are many sources who openly post their products and contact information here, so I would have thought this is a source board?

    Do you have any examples of actual source boards?
  15. Ackmud

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    As for the OP, I think this quote is quite the generalization:

    "Private sources are small operations that lack the means to test their raw powdersand finished product. The gear isusually made in a kitchen by anamateur without training in chemistry or sterility"

    Many private sources were public for quite a while, so do they shrink in size and becomes amateurs once they decide they have enough customers for their ambitions? There can be a lot of annoying customers out there, I don't blame sources for deciding at a certain point they don't need any new ones.
  16. Ackmud

    Ackmud Member

    With posts on the recent bust and some people's nervousness who ordered from there....just thought of another benefit of a private source - less likely to get busted
  17. Crazy-Canuck

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    In some aspects perhaps but really, that's debatable.

    It depends on the person running the ship and really everyone involved. If everyone does what they're supposed to do then things can run for years.
  18. Ackmud

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    I totally agree there are lots of bigger factors when it comes to safety than public vs private, what I'm saying is that "all else being equal" - being private is just one one factor that helps stay safer.

    Also I'm not trying to say that overall private is necessarily better than public either, just playing devil's advocate here as the OP seems really one sided/biased against private.
  19. If you got that OP than you either misunderstood me or didn't read the post closely.
  20. Ackmud

    Ackmud Member

    it was this part that mostly made me feel it was biased:

    "Private sources are small operations that lack the means to test their raw powders and finished product. The gear is usually made in a kitchen by an amateur without training in chemistry or sterility"

    ...especially since the reputable private sources started off as public sources, then become private once they reach their level of ambition where the financial incentive to continue growing gets outweighed by the LE risk and time/hassle of taking new customers.