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    just for you guys to know , i placed a international stealth order of Super porn star king pills and TEST-CYP 100ml , i recieved everything , stealth blown my mind hahaha , by the way , i just tried the pills yet , they are awesome
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    Anyone on that domes recently
  4. Johnny666

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    Just placed a domestic order for some test cyp and Anavar finished products. Let’s see how this goes.
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    Is anyone else having an issue logging into the PPL website? I keep getting "Operation Failed" notification
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    Make sure when you enter the verification code that it’s case sensitive.
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    nevermind, I'm retarded.
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    At least you own it... :p
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    @Pinnacle any plans to stop filtering semi-finished gear and cut their price?

    Pouring sterile gear in unsterile containers makes it unsterile again, thus filtering is a waste of time and money. You'd better pass those savings to the customer.
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    @Pinnacle is semi finished test cyp coming back?
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    Anybody actually getting ahold of these guys? Been trying for a few weeks. Since before the chinese holiday.
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    Hey guys, please give Panda a message on Wickr: soflakidinchina

    So sorry for the lack of presence in this thread, I've been having some personal issues, not to mention I destroyed my laptop by spilling pre workout on it. I will relay all questions to Panda and reply to everyone shortly.
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    Every source is now following AA's disappearing act.

    Now it's an industrial pre workout spill that took down PPL's data center.o_O
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    That comment was quite funny, however I just want to remind you that the PPL website is working perfectly, Panda himself is still taking orders through email, website and Wickr. :eek::cool:
    I am just a rep (I rarely even take orders - not once have I actually taken an order down because no one proceeds to follow through with an order) currently typing this on my phone, because as you said; an industrial preworkout spill (that damn new GHOST preworkout spilled all over my damn keyboard) - sticky as hell and fried the keyboard but my screen still works. But it's not a touch screen.. so I'll get this fixed soon.
    Any how, all orders are still being processed as normal.
    The only thing lacking that I myself do account for, is my forum presence - due to the industrial damn preworkout spill.

    Anyhow, packs ordered before the 1st of October should've all been shipped by now; the Chinese holiday is over.

    I will discuss with Panda about the ideas with the semi finished gear - and other requests in this thread.

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    Screw up is on your end, not ours buddy.
    We sent an order and you didn't receive it because you were locked up. Is that some how our fault?
    Also, that is not the reason why we operate in China. Sorry, trying to be as polite as possible.
    Have a nice day.

    P.S: We ship our packs from hong kong. We can’t get packs back into mainland China if they’re returned, so no we didn't receive your items back.
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    Our filling machine for the semi finished bottles has to have a filter on it to operate correctly. So they will always be filtered.
  17. SteroidsBro

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    I was fully aware that it was my fault, I was just surprised why that for $60 shipping on the original order, I couldn't pay $60 again and have the order reshipped.
  18. mp46

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    Because you didn’t pay for the product to be reshipped.

    Should have had a buddy swing by the house and get it when you were locked up.
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    How we looking on inventory for Test Cyp/Enth? Back anytime soon? Also very happy to see a continuous stock of DHB. Everyone I've given it too loves it.
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