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  1. XKawN

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    Good to see i still have a reputation. Maybe i should stop by more often.
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  2. Kim

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    Sorry they’re building mine instead....:p
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  3. Iron Vett

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    Of course you should. I know there are a lot of other members who would be glad to see you around more often again
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  4. Iron Vett

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    And I’ve almost got it finished to. It’s just that the whipped cream bra and panties keep melting and sliding off
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  5. XKawN

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    I'll definitely stop by more often. Will have to think of something to offer the homebrew section for my next appearance. Passing out so good night @Iron Vett & @Kim. Good talking to you guys.
  6. Kingkersis88

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    Is he still gtg I need some mtren and hes the only one now since a.a is gone.
  7. Pinnacle

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    Hey everyone,
    We are still g2g, up and running, sorry for the lack of updates.
    Haven't been able to get on MESO much as it is A holiday at the moment in China.
    Rest assured we are still here tho:D

  8. iamnightowl

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    @Pinnacle could you clarify something for me?

    Why do some products have HPLC test results on your website and some products don't? Is every product tested? Thanks.
  9. Trois

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    Thank you Panda got my reship in the end!
  10. Pinnacle

    Pinnacle Member

    All of our products get tested, as far as steroids, peptides, etc.
    Some parts of the website haven't been fully updated, sorry about that!
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  11. DonaldPump123

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    Even for domestic those prices are great. I've never used PPL before because I don't brew, I just never pulled the trigger on the finished product before but I'm starting to lean that way. I like the blends too. Okay, done being a dick sucker now
  12. iamnightowl

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    @Pinnacle sorry I have one more question.

    The semi-finished oils, do those come in plastic or glass bottles?

    Are the bottles themselves sterilized?

    And could you please update the HPLC on this page?


    Thank you!
  13. XKawN

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    Not gonna mention what they are shipped in but i will say they are not shipped in sterilized containers. Semi finished means non-sterilized.
  14. SteroidsBro

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    I ordered some hcg and raloxifene from PPL a little over 5 months ago. I was put in jail during it's transit time and I didn't get out of jail until a few days ago. My package was returned to shipper months ago and I sent them this e-mail a few days ago:

    "Hi I was put in jail for 5 months and my order was returned to you guys. I would like you guys to reship the order and I'll pay the $60 shipping fee again. I'd also like to add 1 order of 50mg Anadrol pills for another $50 for a total of $110 sent to you, if possible. Thank you so much!"

    They replied with:

    "Not our problem. We can’t receive return packages. here is your 10% discount code: ******. But that’s not our problem you didn’t receive his package because you were in jail. We shipped products already and didn’t receive them back. We will lose money if we reship. It’s not our problem or issue

    Best regards"

    It was only a $225 ($285 with shipping)order, but for $60 international-shipping on a package that would take up half of a manilla-envelope I want a re-ship and I'll gladly pay the $60 again. I don't think I read anywhere on their website that items that were returned to them in the mail weren't actually returned to them and that they couldn't recover them or funds for them.

    I'm not quite sure what to think about this. Please help me out with your opinion, guys.
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  15. Hate to say it, but not their problem imo.
  16. SteroidsBro

    SteroidsBro Member

    So if somebody orders $5K of GH and their spouse accidentally returns it in the mail they're out the $5K. Fuck that, imo.
  17. But you were gone for 5 months. Pretty sure if someones spouse sent back a 5k order on accident they would contact them as soon as they found out. Not 5 months later.
  18. B Ware

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    I would bet that its also due to fact that it’s been 5 months. For all they know you’re trying to scam them. There’s a lot of that going around right now.
  19. SteroidsBro

    SteroidsBro Member

    I could see 5 years being a big deal, but 5 months
  20. SteroidsBro

    SteroidsBro Member

    No, the tracking shows that it made it back to their country