rana's first anavar cycle

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    the struggle is real, i never felt this kind of exhaustion before but it seems that its common with all the ladies here, and when does this amazing energy kick in ? i can't wait lol. and ye i feeel so fat when i can't workout i feel like i gain endless inches on the rest day, best of luck with your cycle, link me to your log if you have one please :)
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    thanks hunnie, well i probably should start taking my measurements too and i can feel ya on the weight gain issue i no longer care for the number on the scale actually, alli care about is the mirror, since you are on your 5th week, when did the exaustion issue wear off ? i want to feel like superwoman again
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    I will def keep u updated. I don't have a log because it's my first cycle and I didn't feel I had enough knowledge to keep up on a log lol. My second cycle I will def be doing a log. Yes the exhaustion was bad in the beginning, I was falling asleep sitting in a chair it was crazy! But like I said I was relating it to the t3 but maybe I was wrong and it was the var. I feel like I just got a boost of energy during my 4th week! So hang it there it will get better
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    Oops I think I answered all ur questions but accidentally quoted @Blue-bell-78 post sorry
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    I dont know how to link on this but its in the womens section under 'weight gain on Anavar' blue-bell-78.....
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    Day 12 :

    I slept alot, i needed it my body needed it my brain needed it. And thankfully i woke up feeling much better, legs are no more hurting.

    Had my breakfast ( 2 bananas and coffe) , will take my var and drink my protein in a while and hit the gym.
    I noticed that i am really bloated, its making me feel so fat.

    I have been struggling to eat, i barely hit 1300 cals lately and i am supposed to be bulking, i try to eat more but i have no appetite like i van barely eat my chicken on lunch, anyone experienced this with the var?

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    Yes Rana, i too have been the same, appetite crap but i thought it was down to the fat burners i was taking, i stopped them the other day and today is the first day i had a full bowl of oats with 3 egg whites... And didnt feel sick.. You seem to be eating alot of bananas, they are gud for potassium but can leave you very bloated if taken on an empty stomach.. Also cause constipation.. Try taking the banana with natural yogurt or protein whey shake., might help.. I was very bloated for first 10 days but its gone now.. But still have that fluffy water rentention... I look like a jelly baby lol
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    Not from there but I lived there for 6 years when I was a kid. My family is in the oil business. I miss the food. I can still remember the smell/taste of a good shwarma
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    I didn't know that bananas on empty stomach cause bloating, too bad i love bananas lol, i will take it with whey and yogurt then as you suggested, its day 12 and i am still very bloated and the water retention is no joke lol, thanks hunni for the tip :)

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    Ahhh shawarma, i miss it and kabsa aswell, how did you find it in saudia, it feels impossible to live there, would never even try to visit lol

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    Day 12 update :

    ok so this is not another grumpy post, this is a happy post.

    i had a great day at the gym, it was shoulders day.
    did squats also and sumo squats and traps.
    30 mins cardio (10 mins on treadmill and 20 mins on bike)
    and some abs.

    lunch : cup of brown rice and chicken breast.
    snack : chicken breast.
    dinner: 3 egg whites and cup of beans.
    scope of whey before bed.

    i keep failing to hit my calorie goal, actually i am still below 1500 cals while my TDEE is 2000, i dont know if i should take advantage of the loss of the apetite and start cutting!
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    Day 13 :

    Pumped the var to 15 mg today 10 in the am before working out and 5 in the pm.
    Also introduced the clen, i will start cutting since i cant bring myself to eat anymore than 1500 without being physically sick. 20 mcg in the am and 20 mcg in the pm will be doing the clen two weeks on and 2 weeks off.
    Today was legs day and i kicked ass

    Squats, new PR. 170 lbs!
    Leg press new PR 200 lbs! Yay go me.
    Leg extensions 200 lbs
    Bulgarian lunges with 12 lbs
    Squat jumps
    Cable kickbacks

    30 mins HIIT and i was dyiinnnggg, could barely walk to my car.

    B: 1 brown toast and 2 egg whites and cup of coffee
    S: 1 banana before workout and a scope of whey.
    L: 5 tbsps of rown rice and chicken breast.
    S: small handful of peanuts
    D: cup of beans and 3 egg whites.

    My left knee is already screaming, tommorow is my rest day and i promised myself not to resist it, my legs need this rest. I might also see a physiotherapist tomorrow for my knees.
    I had my first blemish today, i hope i dont breakout badly :(.
    Other than that no sides, i am having great strength and endurance.
  13. rana kamal

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    Oh forgot to mention that i will take another scope of whey before bed, not that important piece of information i know
  14. pitbull

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    Gratz on the PR. Cutting seems like a good idea since you are not taking in a lot of calories. I would recommend checking on your protein intake, this is one macro that will make a BB diet work, without enough protein, you will lose muscle mass. depending on serving size, it looks like you are barely at 75 grams a day?
  15. rana kamal

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    I am at 100 gms give or talk, i am trying to increase it, i know its not enough, its just my appetite is fucking with me
  16. pitbull

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    maybe try to add in some fish, it has alot of protein, with a small amount to eat. If you like salmon, it will also add in the essential fats, a small amount of good fats in your diet may making eating calories easier also
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  17. rana kamal

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    Was def. Thinking of incorporating fish today, seems like my body is fed up with eating the same stuff everyday, thanks for the tip :)
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    Good advice from Pitbull

    If you still want to bulk and need calories, a blender is your best friend. Most of us here will make a shake or 2 with the blender.

    I do 2 scoops whey
    2 cups milk
    4 scoops PB
    and sometimes oats or coconut oil

    That equals about 1500 calories, its easy to take in because youre drinking, and actually tastes good.

    Theres a lot of recipes out there to suit your taste

    But using a blender makes life much easier.
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    Thanks alot jay, will try the combination, i tried couple of weeks ago to blend my whey with milk, bananas abd strawberry, and threw it out, tasted too sweet even thou i didn't add any sweetner, i dont know whats wrong with me and anything sugary those days, i gag at the idea of eating anything sugary, even my bananas i eat them too raw to avoid the sugary taste
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    Hows the fatigue Rana? Do you feel tired still? I woke up at 6am this morning full of energy, did 30mins fasted cardio, cleaned the house, took my var on empty stomach then had breakfast(40g oats+egg whites), then two hrs later i needed to have a nap?? Went back to bef and slept for 2hrs.. But my appetite is much better, eating loads but just bloody so tired!!
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