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  1. Bigboy727

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    I like Elites AAS and R and R’s PCT. It’s a win win
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  2. protonJava

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    Those interested: he’s back on private it seems. But at this point I’ve lost
    Trust. communication with ur dealer
    Should probably be of utmost importance. Not to mention SWIM used the time to find another provider that CARRIES FUCKING HALO.
  3. It was determined long ago that using SWIM to avoid incriminating yourself doesn't hold up if you're ever busted.

    Funny story. Years ago when i was chasing the rec drug dragon, i googled some pills or some shit that i had bought. i kept seeing people say "SWIM tried this drug and blah, blah, blah".

    i thought SWIM was just some guy on the forum, and i said to myself, "god damn, this SWIM guy uses a lot of drugs. How is he even still alive!?" :D

    As for Assquach, fuck that greedy loser. He's yesterday's news.
  4. protonJava

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    eh. Makes sense it won’t hold up. At least it alleviates paranoia, THC induced paranoia.

    Lmao. I had a similar experience with the acronym. I think on blue light.
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  5. protonJava

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    I cannot comment on the greed comment. I don’t know the whole story. I didn’t get that vibe from him, but that’s based solely on prices. I know there’s more to it than that, but like I said I don’t know the whole story. The most alarming characteristic for me was the lack of responsibility and terrible communication. If I sent a fucking carrier pigeon it’d be more effective and on point.
  6. BigG50

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    Again, I got the fuck beat out of me when I first came on here asking stupid questions. From all directions. Go to BoP and get spoon fed.
  7. protonJava

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    Time and place for everything, I guess ahah. The bar got lowered on this post. It also depends on the mood of the viewers. I’ve had stuff spoon fed before. I guess if you ask nicely and preface appropriately anything’s possible. The one thing that won’t get you anywhere: arrogance and impatience.
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  8. Noah86

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    Super random, especially since this thread has gone dead.

    I purchased from them when they first started, no problems with their gear etc..

    I see that he went over to SST, even became a verified source over there as well.

    My question, what the hell ever happen to Jay and Becca? Dino runs it by himself?
  9. Roger rabbit

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    Pathetic attempt to get the thread alive and point to where this trash lab has moved to.

    Your first post and you wonder where Becca went?

    WARNING! This lab is trash BUYER BEWARE.
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  10. Noah86

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    Rabbit I honestly meant no further intention to bring back anything

    Yea first post because as I’m sure a lot of people do is simply lurk on forums like myself to just source up and that’s it.

    I did purchase from them when they first came on here, about a year ago and it’s true that I had no issue at the time.
    I would glance at the thread here and there and saw how he started to deteriorate with lacking communications, disappearing for long periods of time and eventually lieing to everyone on meso by saying he went fully private yet he is fully operational on SST.
    Trust me, I would not say his is no longer a reliable source. There are some better domistics I’ll follow here that I source from instead now.

    But some where in the forums I must of missed what happen to Jay and Becca, that’s why I said it would be a random question

    Something so silly, just out of curiosity, were they fictitious the whole time?
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  11. T-Bagger

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    I’m sure their names were fictitious but some woman posted a pic of her tits and Jay signed in one final time under the Squatch handle here. But it seems Dino was probably running the show behind the scenes the whole time.
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  12. protonJava

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    Who gives a shit, though? Does it matter?
  13. bolder

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    Jay got caught walking on the street and got arrested for.... Jay walking :eek:
    Becca was last seen asking Jay what kinda bird doesn’t fly,,, A jail bird o_O
    I’ll be here all week :p

    I seem to remember something about jay leaving for other ambitions and not sure about Becca. I’m assuming they were all one and the same but who knows??
  14. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Jay used the money that he made from selling steroids to go back to college. He eventually earned a doctorate degree in organic chemistry from UCLA-Berkeley. He landed a lucrative position at Monsanto but unfortunately couldn’t get out of Berkeley. He was rumored to be kidnapped by Antifa.

    Becca used her money from being the lead customer service rep to finally get off the pole. She’s helping to unite orphans from Africa whose parents were killed in the blood diamond trade with wealthy European parents. Her story is happier than Jay’s and she lives what we would consider a middle class lifestyle.

    What? It’s as believable as them really existing in the first place.
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  15. FiEnD

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    So these guys are MIA or gone private?
  16. Roger rabbit

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    They bounced on meso because they didn’t want to donate to AL. On top of the added pressure of their failing communications.

    They said they were going to go private ..... but popped up on sst threads like 2 weeks later I believe was removed from another board for failure to communicate properly as well.

    They are trash lab.
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  17. i second your trash lab sentiment. Quality isn't their strong suit, nor is communication or their ability to properly pack and send an order without missing product.

    Remember this shining example of quality control?


    Sure, they probably "made it right" as they constantly had to do when they were here, but the point is, if this made it to a customer without anyone noticing, it's only a matter of time before someone finds a piece of filter, a hair or some other contamination that made it through their extensive quality control check.
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  18. Villain

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    I’m guessing testing and accountability didn’t suit this guy.
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  19. He compensated members that sent his gear out for testing. What he didn't like was being asked to donate to Anabolic Labs.

    He also didn't like that he was called out for all his fuck ups. He wanted to sling his gear, come and go as he pleased and never be asked to do anything more than sell drugs.
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  20. joemomma

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    Lol just read his SST thread. Same complaints of him disappearing, complaints of underdosed tren and everyone over there couldn’t care less because he’s selling $15 bottles of “test” and $5 “prop” lol
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