[Source] Sasquatch Labs - Intro/Sale (US Domestic)

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    He’s dropped his prices that low? How is he making any money? Gee, his reason for going private was to better take care of his customers :rolleyes:
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    Let’s not associate with him anymore. He’s bad news. He’ll sink and take people down with him. let’s ask a mod to delete this thread if possible lol.
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    LOL, this thread isn’t going anywhere, but we can thank @Villain for reviving it.
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    Since this thread is dead, let’s gear-talk!
    Anyone got experience with bold cyp and equi?
  5. FiEnD

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    So what happened to these folks?
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    They went “private” which really meant they went to SST because we were starting to call them out for various things that they didn’t want to deal with. Now they appear to have either gone totally private or just closed shop.
  7. They closed shop fellas
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    When i came on here I would see a source thread and say; ok look 200/400/600 pages - this must be g2g. Only to find out the source bailed on page 100 and its been a few hundred pages of comedy central and discussion of why not to use this source. So the meso system is a little flawed in that respect its easy to get mislead without hours of reading.
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    So, lots of pages means gtg. Noted.
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    It’s not flawed if you read the thread. Assuming something isn’t the way to do things!
    If you see hundreds of pages and decide not to read through the threads and order and get burned ya got no one to blame but yourself for your own lack of effort!
  11. It would make it easier if we were to let threads die and get buried, but it never fails that some numbnuts comes along and revives the thread with some inane question that could have been answered by doing more reading and less posting.

    The results are in... In the case of the revival of the Assquach labs thread that has been dead for 4 months, @FiEnD you ARE the numbnuts! :D
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