[Source] Sasquatch Labs - Intro/Sale (US Domestic)

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Sasquatch Labs, Nov 28, 2017.

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    No not really, I'd have to say this thing has run its course.
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    This is so dumb lol
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    I've heard that somewhere.
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    Damn. I took a 3 month hiatus. I used Squatch for several months (May-July) and had amazing results. No problems with packages. Once or twice was short a view vials but I was highly compensated.
    I had bloods done and Test was off the chart.
    Looks like a lot of bad news. I tried to email the old email address. I'm assuming it doesn't work? And even if it does, you guys say it's not even worth it? Don't waste hard earned money?
    Can someone PM lemme know what's up?
  5. Check out SST (Steroid Source Talk) that hairy bitch is over there, living on the house, just like he did here.

    The difference is, none of SSTs 30 members will ever ask him to donate to something like Anabolic Labs. He's a cheap fuck, i hope he rots over there.
  6. Savagesteve

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  7. BG1208

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    Appreciate the info.
    He's one of only 2 sources ive used since finding the site-(which is great btw) .
    Didn't want to really have to go digging for a new one. always that anxiety when u ship over your bitcoins to somebody new, not knowing what to expect.
    I had a $200 credit with him. Im assuming he's not going to honor that. That's unfortunate they were so greedy. I sent a good amount as I'm sure other people did. You suggest finding something new and not contacting him even though he's still up and running? Got a few PM saying he's still legit but I'd rather not roll the dice if hes quarter filling vials and shipping bunk/crashed gear.
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  8. Personally, i'd make his cheap ass settle that debt. If he blows it off, i'd raise hell about his integrity. You'll have to sign up at SST to do so though.

    Beyond that, i would hit up one of the two domestic guys here. They're on a roll right now. Good time to get in before the wheels fall off, which they will. No source lasts forever.
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    It seems he also collapsed as a private source.
  10. Do tell...
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    Who'd of guessed
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    He is still alive and well on SST..As far as being " private" , he doesn't have his email listed. If you were to dig around on there, you can figure out how to contact him. He also still replies to thread over there...Real private....lol
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    Not sure about SST. After he went private here, SWIM was able to acquire, contact and conduct with him. Afterwards however, he went silent even on private.
    No idea what SST is btw.
  14. Steroid Source Talk. A dedicated site came about after Reddit closed the original one down on their servers.
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    So is Sasquatch done? I’ve used them several times one of my favorite UG sources always delivers on timely manner and some of the best prices around.

    Any suggestions on a source with as vast of a selection in both pct and anabolics. Thanks in advance. I’ve looked at a few sources in the steroid underground forums but either had a small selection or prices were unbelievable.
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    No offense but if $5 a vial is a big deal you should reconsider the use of AAS. You’re putting this shit in your body and can have a long term affect on you. Not to mention getting an infection or under dosed gear. Price is the last thing I would worry about. There is plenty of great sources here. You pay for what you get usually. Dieting isn’t cheap either. I assume you don’t do bloods often either. Be safe man just make to think about it all angles.
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    There’s 2 in the UG, both are lacking Primo, but that seems to be it as far as differences. One is super lively and the other isn’t. They both carry PCT and AAS.
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  18. Shill. :D
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  19. Skorecese

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    There are 2 UG I personally used here not hard to figure out, If you read. took me 3 days of research on and off this forum to find what I was looking for
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    Eh, fuck the Assquatch