Why there almost certainly is No God!!

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    I wouldn’t say unlearned and I definitely bathe daily lol. But when the elite get their way, we will most definitely be slaves.
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    Somehow I doubt that .01% is wasting their time on Meso though.

    Which was the thrust of my post.

    Gotta love them good 'Ol Boys that are so superior they've got nothing better to do than tell everyone about it on a message board.

    Imagine that's what the impotent former QB does in the internet age though?
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    Oh no, not Meso. I mean us peons as a whole - the nobodies that will be eliminated through Agenda 21 to make us a more manageable number.
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    TELL NO ONE (2019) | Full Documentary Movie by Tomasz Sekielski | English Subtitles
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    According to 9News from Australia, “Tell No One,” is making a big stir in Poland:
    Controversial paedophilia documentary released in Poland: ‘The pope is very concerned’

    A documentary revealing cases of sexual abuse by priests has rattled Poland, with many demanding an apology from the Catholic church.

    “Tell No One,” a film financed through a crowdfunding campaign, was released on YouTube on Saturday.

    By time of publication, the documentary had been viewed almost 17 million times.

    It triggered soul searching in a country where there is no higher authority than the Catholic Church and its clergy.

    “Why do priests commit such crimes? Why did the bishops not react as they should? Why, for years, did a conspiracy of silence prevail among the clergy?” journalist Andrzej Gajcy asked on behalf of many conflicted Poles.

    The primate of Poland has thanked the brothers who made the film, Tomasz and Marek Sekielski, for their “courage.”
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    That piece of shit Pope should be afraid.
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    I came to a realization that there was no god, when short fat fucks with 4inch. cocks are walking around with the hottest chicks on the planet.
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    Actually, this guy is proof that there IS a God, because if wicked men like him exist, then there has to be a higher good. I’d like to believe that a fraud like this guy will face a higher being in the end and get what’s coming to him.
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    A higher being I can wrap my head around, but the world renown god of the Bible. No way.
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    Perhaps you prefer the islamic Allah?
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    I don’t pratice religion. I grew up in a extremely religious household, growing up religious was hard pressed into our DNA, by my mom. She had a coming to Jesus moment in her life and felt it necessary in order for her to be blessed she had to surround her self with the holy of holys. I love my mom but brutally trying to instill a belief that was never understand or explained properly became a resentment. I usually steer away from conversations like thins because I know that more than 90% of earths population believes and practice some type of religions. There is not a single god or demigod, that I could ever give myself to and say hey here is my sons life do with it as you please. I trust that you have his best intention in mind. Even though I cannot see you, touch you or... hear you.

    I don’t talk shit on religion but i also feel like if there was a god that god would not have allowed my soon to be ex wife’s boyfriend, to have beaten my son who was 4yrs old at the time, on a regular basis, while I was locked up in prison. I don’t judge people that do believe and stay as respectful as possible.
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    I get it bro and I’m not going to preach but I’ll just leave you with this thought, if you don’t mind.

    The only reason there is ANY good in the world is because God allows it. When people ask how a good God could allow evil, since mankind introduced evil, He doesn’t have to allow ANY good at all.
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    Where do you get this idea that god wasn't the one to introduce evil. He's the one who allows/creates anything and everything. Not only could he stop it but he could at least stop it from being so extreme. A daughter being raped by her father and kept in the basement for 10 years.. you don't need to allow this evil.

    The only reason there is ANY good is because people step up, discuss and figure out what IS good and what SHOULD be stopped.

    Either god doesn't care, god is not all powerful and impotent, or there is simply no personal god.
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    I think you mean omnipotent!! All knowing

    Damn auto correct someone must have a problem with libido.jk
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    that’s some good shit
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    How did God introduce evil if freewill was given to created beings? Man chose by his freewill to introduce sin into our world by choosing to disobey.

    As far as allowing evil, what if everything is on God’s timeline and he will set everything right on his time? That doesn’t speak of impotence or no god, but it speaks of the evil in people and speaks of the omnipotence of God. It’s all a matter of perspective.
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    Nah, he meant impotent
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    You're completley dodging the question and introducing another idea--freewill--that in reality is actually inconceivable. Everything we know about human biology, neroscience and physical reality goes against the idea we have this libertarian freewill that is claimed in the bible. There are causes and effects, and of these you have a limited control of the outcomes. You should read other literature about freewill other than the bible in order to formulate a better defense of your arguement.

    Again, god created everything , which including evil and if you're saying proof of freewill is the ability to disobey, and this bred evil, than it goes back to god created freewill so there can be evil.

    Addressing your last paragraph...well, all you're doing is squaring/rationalizing inconsistencies to reinforce your faith. It's pretty convenient to just say "well it'll be fixed in x amount of years, it's all in the plan". First, you're making a claim that no human could possibly know, the mind of god. As if, the billions of suffering people throughout the history of humanity up until this point is not worth addressing. This "timeline" god seems to want to stick to, seems to be pretty cruel.

    Which brings me back to my orginal pointa.. Either god does not exist. Is real and doesn't care. Is real and cruel.
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    I’ve read the articles and the arguments for both sides. Ultimately, you’re right - if God is sovereign, the he did indeed allow suffering and evil and everything else under the sun. That doesn’t negate his existence - it just doesn’t fit YOUR narrative of what you think God should be. In the end, if you’re a sovereign being, you can pretty much do whatever you please and not have to answer to anybody - not you, not me, nor Einstein, Hawking or anyone else. So at the end of the day, until there is 100% proof that there is no god, you and I and countless others will continue to debate and argue.

    So your original points: he does not exist
    No one with an ounce of intelligence could honestly say that everything around us randomly happened.

    Is real and doesn’t care - good possibility

    Is real and cruel - don’t think I haven’t entertained this thought many times.
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