Why You Shouldn't Accept Free Samples From Sources

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by CensoredBoardsSuck, May 29, 2015.

  1. You're a funny guy
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  2. Ackmud

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    sometimes I get free supplements from my BB.com order, usually they throw in a few samples of some product or another. Or free samples are offered at expos and what not. I always do the right thing and throw away the free samples in my BB.com order or throw back the free samples given to me at expos in their face, in order to protect the integrity of my name to avoid any possibility of me writing a biased review of their product online (without disclosing it was based on a sample) or being suckered into buying more of their products later and falling into bait and switch, where they only use the best quality and tasting ingredients in their sample size protein powders and bars. Doing anything different would be a huge disservice to the world of supplement buyers.
  3. You took the damn words out of my mouth. Lol. This makes more sense than anything I have ever read.
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  4. Gbaby12

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    If anyone wants to send me free gear please send HGH, lily, Halo, 50mg Var, Deca, Mast. I will write good review.
  5. D-max

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    Does it now? Because BB.com, GNC, and other nationally advertised and public companies are the same as Hammer Anabolics brewing steroids in his mom's garage. He'd never brew up a good batch, give it away as samples, wait for the orders to flow in, send them vegetable oil and take the money and run. Only a major supplement company would do that.

    Naivete at its finest.
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  6. Ackmud

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    Obviously no parallel will be 100% alike, my post was directed at the attitude here is that Every. Single. Sample. is a bait and switch, and that even disclosing that a review is being done on a free sample is still wrong because the moment a sample is accepted one has already done a huge disservice.

    For the record I've never accepted nor been offered a free sample, and probably wouldn't even try one if given to me since I'm more than happy with the the source I already use, just sharing my opinion that I don't think others accepting samples makes them the worst people on the planet lol, they should just be expected to disclose this if posting a review.

    ...but how can they disclose it when most would judge then for even accepting a sample lol
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  9. Crazy-Canuck

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    Can't we all just calm down?

    Most of us are on the same side here. We need to look for what makes us alike instead of our differences.

    That said. Accepting free samples for reviews is bad. Soliciting free gear for reviews is even worse. It happens everywhere I'm sure. It puts everyone at risk.
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  10. privatemj

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    i had some free gear given to me, alliance health care u know it?
  11. privatemj

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    great gear guys, but i was given this in person, not fond of buying online
  12. Walter33

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    I got two free samples of test from
    Pharmacom should I toss them? Lol
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  13. Devil3

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    Were they free items added to an existing purchase order? If so, that's normal.

    Two free samples and no order = all credibility lost for said lab
  14. Brewdog

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    I like getting free stuff. It's a great business practice.

    Pharmacom sent me some stuff I never would have tried or known anything about had they not sent it with my order. Now, I've spent many hours reading up on it and watching youtubes. I'm really loving it and just put in another order with them.

    So, I'm happy that not only didn't I get ripped off (which I was worried about), but the entire process was efficient and professional. And to boot, they sent me FREE stuff!

    BTW, they're dragging ass this time. It's been two days and no confirmation email, and no one has picked up the payment. Maybe they're extra busy for Cinco de Mayo weekend? Lol.

    I guess I'm just impatient.
  15. Marcus

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    They are giving you extra samples to purchase more gear from them. Those samples were also included on top of an order I'm guessing, they didn't just randomly send it out.

    The practice of a source giving away free gear in trade for good reviews is what is being referred to here, and it compromises the integrity of the review... that should be abundantly clear.
  16. dcphilly11

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    Which company puts their steroids in marvel comic vials
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  17. MindlessWork

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    Marvel Labs if I recall correctly. There is or was a rep on here at one time - @boxcar who got roundly roasted as a shill.
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    .v..j mmm mmm,
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    If you want to say something lay it down bro.
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    Lol what