Why You Shouldn't Accept Free Samples From Sources

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by CensoredBoardsSuck, May 29, 2015.

  1. Supreme Pharma

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    It’s no doubt a bit discouraging when being met with skepticism but it makes the eventual trust of people that much more valuable. I wouldn’t mind doing some contests for gear while waiting for the testing but that seems to have people skeptical.
  2. bolder

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    Probably not a good idea. It looks like you’re giving away free gear for reviews. In return the reviews won’t matter.
    Maybe down the road when/if you become more established then you can run a contest or whatever. Imo, I wouldn’t do that right out the gate. It’s a bad look.
    Or you can just do your intro in the underground and see how things go. Better have your ducks in a row though lol.
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    These are all great points and as someone new to MESO I just want to say thanks for the good advice!
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    Agreed man this was a much needed read for me
  5. Sparkyp

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    yes i agree. as a noob, its easy to go to the most active threads and ASSUME its legit or that having nice bottles and well written posts mean its legit. apparently not.
    i'm still flipping around attempting to pin down which vendors the senior members tend to trust.
    seems risky to trust new vendors giveaways or even purchases. seems risky no matter what
  6. JonIrenicus

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    Been around here for ages and I can attest to this.

    I received some free gear from new sources and both times it was bunk or severely under-dosed. By the time I had results, these guys were already gone.
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    How do i become a gear whore? This sounds awesome
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    You sound like you'd be popular in prison.
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    I was
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    So which abruptly shuttered board are you from?
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    Name checks out.
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    : )
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    That was the peeeeerfect jewish retort
    Im so proud of u my sweet prince
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    L' Chiam my friend!
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    I'm kinda loving that post haha, my prince
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    100% agree with this whole thread. Very well said.