Why You Shouldn't Accept Free Samples From Sources

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    Damn phone pocket posting on me!
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    I thought you were trying to type in code or something.lol
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    The phone of ToneDaBone has a mind of its own? Sounds like ToneDaBone needs to Tone the phone?

    And I suddenly feel like Dr. Seuss...:rolleyes:
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    Oh damn Bickel, that's baddddd :eek:
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    Any suggestions on how to go about running an honest gear contest with required honest reviews?
  6. Evom1

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    What's needed is lab testing, not reviews, and the orders need to be done anonymously. No one will ever believe test results done on gear the lab knew was going to be tested

    The way its done is if a member gets a test done on a product, once they post up results the source then compensates them. The key is that the source never knew the gear was being tested.

    No one knows that a source doesn't have a "good" pile and a "general public" pile for example. Oh shoot this one's going to be tested, take a vial from this box
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    I understand that this probably happens... I just don’t understand why someone would underdosed gear or sell junk product.. raws are so cheap if you’re getting them from China and there are so many great sources for them with bloodwork and purity testing. It just doesn’t make sense to even mess with that. For example, buying Test prop will cost you less than $1 per vial of legit raws from a proven source. Sorry I’m just confused why any source would do something like this.

    Anyways, I’m just trying to very slowly expand a little at a time to make sure I can keep up quality work and supply so trying to figure out how to make a decent introduction here.
  8. Evom1

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    This is true, however.... How do we know that you, the source,, is testing each batch of raws yourself? Or are you just trusting your raw supplier to give you exactly what THEIR tests say it is? Ppl and many other raw suppliers have fucked up plenty of times. Hell, someone recently got trest instead of test c
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    I’m not testing my raws currently, I’ve been purchasing them from the same source for a few years and they have test results from each batch. So far I haven’t ran into any issues but I think you’re right and that can occur as long as there are humans working on things. I do pin my own gear before sending it out to people so I can pretty much garantee there is no pip but other than that, I use standard recipes for brewing and trust that my source is showing correct purity percentage for each batch. I just don’t know if I’d be able to afford to test every single raw powder that comes in.
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    @Analyzer does testing
    Let's say you buy a huge amount of X raw at once, ok so it's one batch, if you're using the same recipe every time brewing from that batch, just send out one sample of finished product even to get tested. Then if it comes back and you're like wait, this is 180mg and should be 200mg you can adjust your brewing process accordingly.

    It is a cost, yes, but imagine a customer got a product tested and then posts up for everyone to see your stuff is under dosed. You're either going to have to credit everyone or replace gear, or get run off the board. On the flip side if your stuff keeps coming back great and you do everything right, you'll get more and more business
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    You can make more money if you use smaller amounts of raws and sell it like its properly dosed. If it costs you a dollar to make and you use half of it, that doubles your profit by doubling your product. Most would just assume that this particular cycle just didnt work out as well as it couldve. Throw that in every few batches and it starts adding up.

    As far as getting run off the board. Guys change their names all the time and try to pull the same crap. That is why i appreciate the harsness we give to the new sources.

    Is it Friday yet?
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    You wouldn’t know what each test costs by any chance? If anything comes back underdosed, I wouldn’t mind either reimbursing people their money or sending extra vials out. Protecting my reputation is pretty important especially considering that 90% of my customers are repeat and I want to make sure they’re always satisfied. I’ve been on the receiving end of bunk gear more times than I’d like to admit (before connecting with my current source) and personally, I would be much more forgiving to slightly underdosed gear as I know what it’s like to be pinning completely bunk gear. I think if a source doesn’t calculate the amount of space their powders take up in the oil, there’s a very good chance that their gear will be off by 5-10% easily.
  13. Supreme Pharma

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    You’re right about sources changing their names after getting caught doing something shady or exit scamming. However, for a source that has done everything correctly and honestly, a name change would never be worth it because of all the work and time you’ve put into this. It would be much easier to send a customer replacement packs if something happens and keep that person as a client as well as getting more publicity. I think that when someone leaves an honest review where they admit that the source made a mistake but then went out of their way to make it right, it carries a lot of weight because it’s showing they’re actually here for the long run and I’m pretty sure most sources will make a mistake at some point and it’s how they solve the issue that’s important. It’s definetly a harsh environment for a new source..
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    Send @Analyzer a pm and he will give you a price on testing.
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    Easiest source hazing ever.
  16. Supreme Pharma

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    Thanks for the info, waiting for a reply from him. If it’s not too expensive I’ll prob end up trying it out.
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    It's 100% worth the expense. It's credibility. That sells all day every days. Until an eyelash shows up in some test :eek:
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    If you’re getting something as large as an eyelash in your vials.. idk what kind of filtration system your source is using but it should probably be updated. I have seen some black speck thing once in the inside of a sterile silicone stopper so if it’s something really tiny and non organic then it might not be the sources fault.
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    We had a source who sent a vial out with a cat in it. True story.
  20. bolder

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    It’s definitely a small price to pay when the payout will double that more than likely.
    Also shows your at least serious about sourcing and proving your product.
    The time of taking a sources word for things is over, with testing so available.
    Sources that have came and promised things only by their word has been caught trying to scam people too often.
    These scamming sources just makes it harder on a new source here.
    Don’t take it personally but your words will hold no weight here because of that. I suggest have testing done and prove yourself.
    Then maybe if you can hold up through the vetting process your word may carry a little more weight.
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