Why You Shouldn't Accept Free Samples From Sources

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    Edit: I don't care enough about your opinion to waste being a dick, sorry @Burrr
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    missed that one
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    consider yourself lucky, those beef curtains still haunt my sleep
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    Shit you are probably one of the few who missed it, she posted that vag of hers everywhere!!!
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    Well said HBG I am a tranny, you caught me. FML how will I go on now. Please someone ban me for lack of contribution around here or being a female that converted to a guy.
    I'm going to bow out of this, you're right I don't belong on here. I got my shit dialed in and I could give two fucks who accepts free gear and gives reviews. Doesn't affect me at all. Carry on...
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    Should be stickied never saw this
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    Word to the wise: THINK before you accept any freebies from a source in exchange for reviewing/logging it as it may very well risk tainting the credibility of your review or log. If you do log or review such freebies, PLEASE disclose that fact when asked.

    Thanks for reading :cool:
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    I wouldn't say you missed it haha
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    How else is a source supposed to ease potential new clients concerns? I mean its a business right? If you have killer gear and nobody knows what good is it??? I have accepted free samps many times and never had problems with consistency. I'm sure that it happens but saying that it is THE problem is overkill. If your confident with your product you should have no problem giving a freebee because you know its good. I do not see the benefit in giving a good freebee then a under dosed version once the person pays. To trick someone for one sale is not profitable at all because obviously they will notice the difference if the stuff they actually purchased is bunk or under dosed. Profit comes from repeat customers and source/client trust, not tricking someone for one sale. This thread kind of sounds like someone trying to discourage new sources from meeting people.....
    Of course if the source asks for a favorable review for it that is lame but giving free samps is how successful businesses are born.
  13. That's the sources problem, not yours. Let THEM worry about building up their clientele. Not my problem, or yours for that matter.

    If you're using 'free samples' as a tool to gauge the quality of a sources product then I can tell you right now that it is a piss poor method.

    Call it what it is - just wanting free shit.
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    yeah, never asked for free gear in my life... always been an act of good faith on their part when I've been hesitant with new sources. Didn't ever think there was a problem with it. Apparently people are pretty aggressive about this issue lol. Maybe run less tren and chill. I give out samps all the time in my home town to fairly well established body building competitors they don't seem to have a prob with it. I also run a very successful legitimate biz.... so..... yeah apparently you won't except a free cup of coffee either huh? lol. Got it... people here have a problem with nice people... don't be a nice person or a good businessman. Great advise.
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  15. I'm chill. :)

    If CBS' post hasn't convinced you of the downfalls of accepting free gear then there is nothing I can really say to make the argument any stronger. If you want to gauge a sources product and service then accepting free samples is not the most effective way - it might be the most satisfying way because people want free shit. The best method is to anonymously place a paid order. You can learn a lot more about a sources service aside from just product quality by doing this btw...

    Free samples are just another method unestablished / unproven sources use to draw customers - one trick out of many. They should be able to prove their worth without having to sling free samples out - you should be able to determine that without having to accept free samples too. Established sources can be easily researched - free samples not necessary. Unestablished sources are risky as fuck no matter what.

    My barber sometimes charges me less for a haircut since I'm there frequently. I feel comfortable accepting that. If the coffee shop I regularly visit was offering a free cup of coffee to customers - most would probably accept that.

    I don't however actively seek free shit - whether its from sources or any other business. I don't have an expectation of free samples and I don't need them to ease my concerns because It's not necessary and not really that informative / telling.

    I sure as hell don't want to play a role in helping an unproven source get his start by accepting and reviewing his free gear. I don't want to be responsible for helping build up the clientele when he inevitably ends up fucking people over. Any reviews where the gear was given out for free are meaningless. They are even more meaningless when no disclosure is provided. At that point it's just dishonest.
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    The difference between a free coffee and free gear is there aren't many ppl out running coffee scams. Not sure when the last time I heard "I got bunk coffee" was....
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    Don't labs sometimes add a little extra to orders for their long-time solid customers? In that case it may be acceptable as long as they didn't add any strings to that. I can see it's a problem for new labs
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    fair enough, however I still don't see the harm in promotion... there are always gonna be scammers but not everyone is...if you don't trust it lab the first paid for order... I don't see the harm... Respect your opinion tho..
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    Ok, point made however not everyone has ill intentions although I agree maybe the majority do... I will keep that in mind
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    not even the majority have ill intentions, majority want to get a big name sell lots of gear and have repeat business, make lots of money and never run into LE
    both sides of this issue have points and merit, landing on one side or the other doesn't make you an asshole either way, but NOT having respect for the other view makes you an asshole in my book.