15 days into the Sustanon only cycle so far experience

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    02.02.2019 - first injection sustanon 250 mg (morning)
    02.02.2019 - 0.25mg arimidex
    04.02.2019 - 0.25mg arimidex
    06.02.2019 - 0.25mg arimidex
    06.02.2019 - sustanon 250mg (evening)
    08.02.2019 - 0.25mg arimidex
    10.02.2019 - 0.25mg arimidex
    10.02.2019 - sustanon 250mg (morning)
    12.02.2019 - 0.25mg arimidex
    14.02.2019 - 0.25mg arimidex
    14.02.2019 - sustanon 250mg (evening)
    16.02.2019 - 0.25mg arimidex
    17.02.2019 - sustanon 250mg (evening)
    17.02.2019 - hcg 200~300iu (i couldnt draw exact amount 250iu from the vial) (evening)

    HCG will be same days as sustanon 250iu from now on
    My HCG is Pregnyl 1500IU. It came with Sodium chloride 1 ml solvent (0.9% w/v)
    It was powder and i have reconstructed it
    I am keeping the rest of the vial in refrigerator
    The vial has rubber stopper so i believe it should be safe

    So far i haven’t noticed any strength increase. There was a minor energy increase in 14.02.2019 and 15.02.2019 workout
    I am looking forward to this week and the week 4
    Didn’t notice any bloat or water retention (there maybe a 0.5~1kg water gain not sure though)
    The only thing i have noticed is increased sex drive (several times more than before)

    Other than these i use only regular supplements such as whey protein, vitamins and creatine

    I am using all pharmacy products as i was able to purchase all of them from pharmacy

    I have 90 nolvadex pills for pct. each one is 10 mg

    I plan to use Nolvadex as follow : 40/30/20/10/10/10/5/5 (daily mg per week)

    So Nolvadex usage will be total 8 weeks

    I plan Sustanon cycle to be 12 weeks
    PCT after 21 days of last injection
    Arimidex will continue until PCT starts

    Though i am not sure about continuing Arimidex between last injection and the start date of PCT
    Perhaps i should use 0.25mg first week and for the remaining 2 weeks 0.125mg what would you say? Once in a 2 days

    HCG will end 1 week before the cycle ends (i have total 18 x 250 iu HCG)

    This is my first ever cycle

    If my E2 were crashed due to Arimidex i would have noticed by now right?

    I plan to get blood work after 28 days of cycle to see E2 and other stuff

    My pre-cycle natural blood levels as below (Age 32, body fat around 20%, very sedentary daily life)

    E2 (Estradiol) is 33.21 pg/ml (range is 0 - 39.8)
    Tsh is 0.95 uIU/mL (range is 0.35 - 5.5)
    Free t3 is 3.28 pg/ml (range is 2.3 - 4.2)
    Free T4 is 1.13 (range is 0.89 - 1.76)
    Fsh is 3.47 mIU/mL (range is 1.4 - 18.1)
    Lh is 4.01 mIU/mL (range is 1.5 - 9.3)
    Total Testesteron is 3.49 ng/ml (range is 0.86 - 7.88)
    prolactin is 10.72 (range is 2.1 - 17.7)
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    I would agree with you on the adex during pct. looks like a well layed out cycle. Basically 500 sust a week. The adex may be a bit much but only bloods will tell. Good luck
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    I feel like the current adex may be to much, and also that the pct may not be sufficient
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    what would you add to PCT?
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    not during PCT (when nolvadex usage started) but between last injection and the start date of PCT

    so you also believe i should use during that time?
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    If you’re using .25 adex eod and it keeps your estro where you want it then once you quit the sust Id taper the adex down. So week 13 would be the same. Week 14 and 15 Id do .25x2 adex. Week 16 .125 x 2 adex. Use hcg week 12-16. Week 16-17 start nolvadex