4 year cruise and pct log

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    Wait so you don't have any pre bloods before the 4 year cruise right?
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    I remember getting bloods when I was 22 an it was in the mid 400s, I’m still going to be posting blood work because I did cruise for a long time but I’m glad at least everything isn’t at 0
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    Well if you have been off pct for months now; and your levels are back to when you were 22; it looks like your all good. You are very lucky that you were able to recover after 4 years of cruising; some people can never get back to their original natty tests after coming off.
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    @5millionbucks yea maybe almost 3 months but I do know on the 6th week after pct was officially done I got my blood drawn and it was 924 (and the Max on their scale was 824) so I was 100 over and on my new blood test (the most recent one I posted) it was 400 sum & that is kinda a big drop but I would like to continue getting blood drawn just to keep documenting just to make sure everything stays stable.

    also about my 400 level when I was 22, at the time I considered that to be low because I looked on this site called T nation an some 40 year old dude had the same range as me so knowing that I thought I had low t, so it did push me to want to use gear ngl.

    and i have experienced some things with my balls from cruising for 4 years,

    I have no prob laying w a girl

    But at the end of the pct an now I’ve been experiencing some discomfort in my junk, like they still seem smaller then how they were before gear

    And sometimes I’ll get a pain (blue ball type feel) in my shit an it legit feels like someone kicked me in my balls idk why but it did, an I think it may be because my balls are finally working on their own so it like two rusty gears starting to work an spin again

    Also like my ball sack doesn’t look full (light weight looks empty) an ngl it’s kinda embarrassing talking bout but I’m just tryna be fr
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    Wait you think your dick got smaller after all these years doing gear; or you mean just your nuts? I think that pain is just an indication of your balls just kicking in. Yes I have low t also; my t is at like 400 for someone in their mid 20s, but that giant drop in test levels from you is just cause of the half life of the pct meds; once that leaves your system; your system basically goes back to baseline or less than your original baseline. If you kept a lot of size and strength and have good energy like pre cycle; I think everything worked out for you.
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    This whole thread was very interesting... long story short, when I was 19 years old, i did a single shot of 300mg DECA mixed with 600mg of test. I wasn't even working out at the time... I just partied my ass off... then suddenly, 3 weeks later I went from covering my girls face and tits with cum 4 times a day, to not being able to get a hard on NO MATTER WHAT. A week later, I got locked up for drugs and didn't get out for almost 5 years. I made a decent natural recovery, but my balls atrophied and never came close to their former glory.

    Now I'm 28... and i am one week in on the power pct. But my gut tells me I will have to do a long term treatment if i am ever to regain what I once had.

    I had bloods taken when I was 26.
    Test was 411.
    FSH and LH were both clinically low and out of normal range, but barely.

    This low testosterone bullshit has ruined my most recent relationship. I'm really sick of dealing with it...

    Having said all that... there isn't much to read on MESO about the long term HCG treatment. I was hoping you could elaborate more on your personal situation and success with long term use of hcg... what was your dose?, how often? Did you go to an endo?
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    @5millionbucks yea I was talking about my nuts.. lol an about keeping size I’d say I lost a lot but my frame itself still has that lifting look (even tho I haven’t been in the gym) also my energy is kinda low & im deft now sexually aroused as easy as it was when I was on cycle & I will go get blood work this week an post the results forsure.

    & @Drew dude damn I’m sorry it sounds like you went through a lot an I hope you recover fully also & to answer your question about hcg throughout my entire cycle I haven’t ever touched HCG but after my 4year cruise I did the power pct and used HCG for the first time and I wasn’t on HCG for a long time but It was a high dose to kickstart my balls and after I proceeded with clomid and nolvadex and my balls are def smaller then what they used to be but seem to at least be on instead of being off.
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    I've been on for too long. I bookmarked this. My day is coming.
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    you know ngl I would be a liar if I told yall I didn’t wanna cycle (3 on 3 off) again & when you do come off I hope u recover an thank you for bookmarking the thread :) thats legit
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    Really nice stuff man, interesting to read since I'm also trying to recover from B&C so this motivates me.
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    Hi mate. I have seen 2 endocrinologists and they believed I was fine because my test levels came back barely over minimum. “ ok clever ass I’m supposed to have marble balls and the test levels of an OAP”. I decided to do something about it myself.
    I was on test up to 4g a week yes grams (some weeks) and that’s not even including the Deca and tren. Safe to say my balls took a good beating. I done the “power pct” 3 times if I remember correctly and it did nothing for the atrophy. I then decided to take a long term approach with the hcg. It’s been well over a year and the gonads have grown significantly. I’d also like to say I had pains in the nads for a year but they lessened and stopped. I started off at about 1000- 2000iu e3d. Anything less did nothing. I had bad side effects higher e2 etc but I did this for about 5months (taking extremestane) at about 12.5mg every 10days. Currently taking about 500-800iu e4d of hcg and I seem to not need any AIs whatsoever. Currently waiting for the right time to cease hcg and do a little Clom and tamox protocol.
    I understand how you feel with it affecting your relationship and would recommend you get your test levels checked again. Hope this helps.
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    @Kimpe I appreciate that, thank you, I have been lazy ngl about updating and getting bloodwork & @Jay Monks tbh my balls are still shrunk from being on so long and also ur right I do gotta go get blood drawn again cuz lately I have been lazy and my prostate is still swollen an it’s been a issue an lately sex has been a bit of a difference later on (like rn) like w the butt issue an my T levels cause last time it was in the 410+ an if it lower I’m still stuck without taking TRT cause when I was on it, it irritated my prostate ( I think it’s because of the dht conversion ) and when I took Anavar it felt super huge & I pee a lot rn an it’s a prob an I go to a doc soon to get a scope up my pee hole (embarrassing I know ) an see what up an also take this stuff called flomax but the side effects wig me out and I don’t wanna be on medicine forever u know... &

    I hope everything works out for you too btw 100%
    Also I’ve always wanted to try tren it looked fun ngl an frfr I will get a blood draw on here asap
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    1000-2000 iu e3d?! That's a lot! Has leydig cell desensitization been a concern for You? What were your lower dosages and how long did you try lower dosages before you moved them up?
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    Never been a concern because it’s not true pal.
    I did try 500iu+ to begin with but it didn’t increase my testosterone much.
    I’ve had shots of 5000iu many times in the past leading up to this ( but I’m not recommending you do ). I started off at 1000-2000 e3d and dropped it over time.
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    @Zyzż_ thanks for the thread. This has given me hope as we were on for the same amt of time except I started a year later and am currently 27 trying to come off. What was the exact serm protocol following the hcg shots? Was it the protocol that eman suggested. Seems unclear what you did for that time frame.

    Are you still doing good and how did this all affect your mood/relationships?
  16. You did one single shot of nandrolone and T and you had atrophy, at age 19? Did you use recreational drugs like opioids, booze, before, during or after this one shot, or were/are you overweight? Just seems unlikely one shot of roids would cause testicular atrophy or other long-term problems in a 19 year old. I guess it’s possible as the endocrine system is delicate and yours could have been more fragile than normal.
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    This was all during my first year of college. I was too lazy to get a real job so I sold ecstasy to pay my way. Naturally, I came in contact with other people that sold other kinds of drugs, that bought ecstasy from me. I rolled almost every weekend for about 3 months, did a good bit of cocain, drank, and smoked weed for the come downs. I only did an opioid twice in this time period. Not fond of them.

    I've never been fat but I ate alot and often, I worked out a lot in high school and off and on in college, and have always had a nice foundation of muscle with a pretty lean cut.

    In spite of all those drugs... none of them ever had any effect on my libido or testicles. I sold some EX to a body builder, and i was interested in steroids. Went to his place and he showed me like 10 different viles of stuff. Offered me a free shot, I only recognized the Deca and test, so I thought those 2 should be okay, he offered a mixed shot after that and I didn't know anything about steroids at the time. I didn't know anything about A.I.s or hcg, or clomid or nolva or anything really. I specialized in mind altering drugs, not physical.

    I didn't notice the shrunk testicle as much as I noticed the sudden decrease in libido, and ED
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  18. I mentioned opioids because I know they can lower T levels, but many other drugs both recreational (including booze) and non-recreational can either lower T, libido, cause ED or all 3. I remember when either my opioid or benzo use got high my T would be in the 100’s and I’d go months without getting a boner or jizzing and had no interest during that time.

    Most younger dudes are able to bounce back from normal cycles pretty well, might not even notice much even without pct. Of course they might damage their endocrine system but typically a 20 year old recovers well compared to a 40 year old. Coulda been the rec drugs that caused the low libido.
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    I remember having a pm conversation with you about coming off long term gear, about 2 years ago.

    You still have issues down there or is it mainly fixed? Libidowise etc?
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    testis are back to original size of not bigger. Libido isn’t the best but it’s there, waiting on new results once all serms have cleared.