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  1. T-Bagger

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    Dude has put serious thought and effort into presentation. Definitely sucks he’s been MIA, but personal life always comes first.
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  2. Horimono

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    Yeah it sure does. Gotta take care of the fam and whatever else. This is secondary. I’m not throwing stones. I gotta order some pharma ancillaries so, he will most likely get some of my pennies. Hopefully my next gear order will be with him.

    Damn dude, you been up all night?
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  3. T-Bagger

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    I wake up early and go to bed late lol
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  4. Fryguy

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    HIGHRISK Member

    Still mia?
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  6. Fryguy

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    He messaged on the discord app today. He said this when someone asked when he'd be back, "A few days. I've been up for the last 60 some hours. I'm eating. showering and taking a nap".
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  7. Uttukuxul

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    Those are some beefy numbers for 150mg/week. I'm definitely making sure there's a good amount of temporal distance from my last pin to blood draw when I go in to see my doc next month, last thing I need is to get my script reduced. Thanks so much for the relevant info!

    (This isn't a dig on AA - clearly we're getting our money's worth here and perhaps then some, and I'll certainly be placing another order once he gets himself situated into regularity again)
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  8. Sorry to keep everyone waiting but I hit a big snag the other day. I broke a pretty big bottle of guaiacol in the lab and it smelled so bad that a neighbor has been asking questions so I've been forced to move to another location.

    It's going to take me a little longer to get everything set back up. I've been leaving all the electronics at home so there's no distractions as I'm on a serious time constraint. I will keep everyone posted on the progress and will reopen as soon as I get everything situated. I don't expect you to wait around on me forever so do what you gotta do. My deepest apologies.
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  9. Discodon

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    Yeah safety first Aa won’t take long you be back up and running
  10. Burn bright

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    Do you have a rough estimate on the reopen?
  11. Roger rabbit

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    At least you aren’t dragging members along with excuses.

    Good luck man.
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    HIGHRISK Member

    Man things keep piling up around here.
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  13. Roger rabbit

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    A ship can only sail smooth for so long before storms eventually come

    Hopefully the storms pass soon.
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  14. rpbb

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    you've had a rough month buddy, and what you're doing is very difficult. You don't owe anybody anything, so step back, take some time for yourself (go to aruba, I love that place), and open back up when you're ready
  15. Shyster

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    Anyone heard from the crypto guy? Been trying to get a hold of him for a week or so
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  16. Roger rabbit

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    What do u like about Aruba?ive been thinking of going there myself. If I go I’ll hit you up for some tips on hotspots for eating etc.

    BIGSWEEZ Member

    Talked to him Sunday
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  18. rpbb

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    it was the funnest, and at the same time most laid back place I've ever been. Only place I've ever been where I've never wanted to leave
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  19. Oldschool

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    A high school coach of mine went there for a vacation and ended up staying there. Last I heard he was making a very comfortable living renting jet skis.
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  20. T-Bagger

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    Started his own business or what? Can’t imagine that was cheap to startup.
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