Beware of Dylan Gemelli and certain associates/FRAUD

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by pipelinerk, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. jJjburton

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    Wow that is a horrible physiue anyway. That guy is a TOOL.

    Mesoooo all the way.
  2. jp4355

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    I'm there for the Younger Guys and the Older Newbies.
    If you know me, and I know that you do.
    You've read what I post.

    It's that simple.
    I'm a Mod, not a Rep.
    And I've had plenty of offers to rep for all kinds of companies.
    I don't do this for the Money, I do this to help the people that need it............... JP
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  3. japajay

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    Dylan Gemelli (@DylanGemelli) | Twitter
    . . (italianstalion777) on Myspace

    When I was researching about my cycle I came up on some of his articles on evo and his youtube videos. The guy has con artist/cult leader written all over him but his info on other stuff was good.

    He is a faggot though. Another one of those "I just want my beach body" twinks.
  4. bonacris

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    Who is animal71? Is the WPA, Bigrickrock. Who is he. What's his handle on evo?
  5. jp4355

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    Don't know who Animal71 is, never ever heard of him.
    I know WPA doesn't go around assuming Alter-Egos.
    Don't think it's BigRickRock, he's barely on Evo....................... JP
    Where did you run across this Animal71 ?
  6. bonacris

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    Evo rep on this board and professionalmuscle sponsors MESO-Rx
  7. XKawN

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    Evo kuhnevo
    Nothing up my sleeve
  8. jp4355

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    I honestly don't know who that is.
    I was just on Professionalmuscle, and he posted their yesterday.
    But He's not on Evo by that name.......................... JP
    Have No Idea who those other posters were, but Dylan was still on Evo at the time, and a couple other Guys who are now gone.
  9. bonacris

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    I got banned from Evo almost a year ago. But it shows that I had last logged on in June of this year when I had an argument on ProM with animal71. he used my account to manufacture PMs about me selling pain meds. Since mods don't have the ability to access banned accounts it has to be an admin. Who are the Admin on Evo. WPA, Gearhead?

    So I really wanted to see who it was on Evo
  10. GearGodess

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    I'm sorry but I don't understand who is crazy enough to trust this guy and even consider listening to his garbage of pushing SARMS! I think AIDS patients on death beds look more built with more muscle than Dylan.... That guy is just pushing his product and laughing at all the fools falling for it. They've made him a fortune.

    God forbid you try to give honest advice and not push sarms, minimum of at least 6 different compounds, you get banned and posts deleted for jeopardizing his profits! lmao

    But the fact that he doesn't even have certifications that he claims he does, that's just plain entertaining... lmao!
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  11. jp4355

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    There is an Administrator on Evo.
    He Logs-in as the Admin., don't know who it is.
    It's not WPA or Gearhead, that much I know.......................... JP
  12. MindlessWork

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    That twitter account seems to be inactive as last tweet seems to be from 2011. Maybe he has a new one?

    Beach body? LMAO more a "meth head" body!
  13. bonacris

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    That's shady as fuck.
  14. jp4355

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    It has to be one of the Owners, don't know who.
    And I've Never seen him post, only Log-in............................ JP
    You can always see who's Online, at the Bottom of the Home Page.
  15. jp4355

    jp4355 Member

    Dylan's moved around a bit since leaving Evo.
    He was on 1 Site, with some other SARMS company.
    Then that Folded, and now He's the owner of another site.
    And I think he's got a stake in a New SARMS company................... JP
  16. AlphaLife

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  17. rocco-x

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    Guys I know this is an old post but each time I see this ass muncher my blood boils. I just saw some of his new vids on YT and as always had to comment in his reply section. This walking stick figure makes me sick that so many ppl are just that stupid or uninformed about gear, fitness or the lifestyle in general that I want to hold him down by his scrawny neck and pee on him...actually pee on him and his bullshit fakemones of utter faggotry lmmfao! Oh Lord how the mere mention of this schills name sparks evil thoughts on my soul. He's bulking according to his latest vid...with props no less! BULKING HE SAYS...W T F?!?!
    Whew...sorry guys. Had to vent this out on someone lol.
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  18. tenpoundsleft

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    Interestingly, "the inferior gemellus muscle is a muscle of the human body. The Gemelli are two small muscular fasciculi, accessories to the tendon of the Obturator internus which is received into a groove between them."

    And if inferior wasn't clear enough, the gemelli muscles are located fairly close to your anus and private parts.... ;-)
  19. DrinkFlintWater

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    I like Gemelli. No test or any other compounds other than his daily 6 synthol delt injections...DG is G2G
  20. tenpoundsleft

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    Actually, Gemelli in his latest YT video doesn't sound so bad - he's giving advice on buying steroids online. He does wear a pink ball cap though.

    Check out the sanctimonious and ill-informed Cory McCarthy instead - a Vegan nutjob - if you want some really dumb videos.