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  1. How bad are the numbers? Could I get away with not donating or is it borderline terrible ?
  2. The total test is actually >260 which is greater than 260 he said, 260 is as high as they can test it. But like you guys said nandralones fuck with it lol
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    I personally would go donate, others may say it’s not too bad. Anadrol and EQ are probably the two biggest contributors to increased RBC’s, so when you drop those compounds I’d imagine it would decrease again. That being said, I donate every 3 months as a preemptive measure and I’ve never seen my hematocrit go above 49. I’ve ran anadrol and EQ multiple times as well.

    If you are dead set against donating, at least add a grapefruit into your diet everyday. It contains naringin which in studies is shown to lower hematocrit.
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    +1 for the grapefruit, i also add 400mg white willow bark to my handful of vitamins in the morning. It's a natural form of aspirin that will help thin things out as well.
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    I tried the test E and C. Seems gtg
    Looking to get some orals
    Was looking at ordering citadel Anadrol - anyone try it? I assume it's gtg?
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    Well I'll be taking the plunge myself
    Like I said I ran their oils already and everything was gtg

    just ordered winny and adrol and some other items
    customer service has always been amazing so far. Have placed a few orders for oils and this one just now all have had the fastest response and ship times. No reason for me to believe I'm going to have a bad experience with the orals and I'll post up a review when I run them
  7. They do their job.
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    Can confirm, I get treated phenomenally from them. Any issue on their end, fixed with no hassle. Have always been super easy and enjoyable to do business with as well since day 1.
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    I've noticed this as well. Exceptional customer service. Last few orders have been through these guys and they get here fast and communication is never an issue.

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    Used T400 in the past and was happy with customer service and product.

    Just wondering if the product line has expanded or any current promotions?
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    I’ve placed 4 orders with citadel so far, and have had excellent customer service every time. Shipping is fast, I get replies usually within a couple hours or next day at worst, they always provide tracking numbers for shipments. Product quality is top notch, great packaging, super clean.. I’ve ordered test-e, test-p, tren-a, tnt, Anavar, clomid, nolvadex, cialis, and clenbuteral. All worked great. Very happy with this lab.
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    This UGL any good? Was thinking of placing an order .
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    Read a little..
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    Just read through he thread. Then you can form your own opinion. Members here will not give the standard GTG endorsement. You must draw your own conclusions. Research it my friend....
  15. They're the tits, bro. Order up with confidence!

    Probably what you want to hear, right? The problem is that you don't me. i could be anyone. i could be this source or someone he hired to feed you a line of bullshit so that you'll send off your money.

    This is why we tell new members to read through threads and form their own opinions about sources.

    i don't know if you're brand new to all of this, but i've been around for awhile and i'll be honest, there is some shady, slimey shit that goes down in the world of black market steroids.

    Always be cautious and if you get any head on endorsements for sources from random members, take their 'gratitude' with a grain of salt. They may be trying to help you, but then again, they may be trying to help themselves.
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    You mean to tell me not all online steroid salesmen are honest up-stand citizens and use slimy sales tactics?
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    Well said.

    Even if an OG Vet asks me... I still wont give a GTG

    The basic problem is... even amazing consistant labs can decide to exit scam... or just give you straight fucking pil with no hormone.. THEN exit scam.

    This is UG steroids we are talking about here.

    A "GTG" lab could become q scam any fucking day
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    All UGLs are only as good as their last batch.
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    Well said guys, thanks.
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    Yep. Mission was a very reliable lab: tested well, good customer service, great lead times... until they got busted and their rep pulled an exit scam. In the span of about a week they went from "GTG" to "complete and utter shitbags."

    At the end of the day, you're dealing with criminals and sending them money in the hopes of receiving what you paid for. There are never any guarantees.
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