Comprehensive Guide to PCT

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    Yea Ive seen mate. I do have hcg and clomid at home gonna get some nova too. But still gonna see if my body can sort itself out given enough time first
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    Jay, blood work is always a good idea. You can see if your pituitary is still spitting out LH and FSH, and just what kind of test level you have .
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    Yea Im gonna get my test levels checked again the try get referred to an endo. Is there another way for blood work without having to see a specialist ?
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    Burrr Member Supporter, do it yourself blood work
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    Thanks, im from uk can i still get it checked through that?
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    Very helpful...some great notes to take in doc !!!
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    This has been the single most informative read for me yet. I actually feel like with some practice with your formula I can correctly do my proper pct! Thank you.
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    Can you take clomid at night before bed...? And take nolvadex in the morning?? If clomid makes you lathargic..
    hcg- would it be good to run it mid cycle , through the two week waiting period to start pct and using all through pct?
    I've read a few pages back pct can run longer than 2 weeks , say a month? On the hcg dosage would 2x250iu a week sufficient? Seems there is no one fit for anyone, which I understand..
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    HI Guys

    i am at last week of Test Enth

    My Test Cycle: Test Enth 500mg/weekly for 13Week

    and already have big gynomastia+Testical atrophy

    so i need a good pct please include (hcg-nolvadex-clomid)

    and what you think about this pct please

    after last Test Enth shot by 2weeks start hcg alone without nolvadex or clomid for 16day

    HCG 5000ui every 4days for 16day (4shots in total)

    -notice i can only from my country getting HCG 5000ui shots and wont split because its very expensive here

    -and need to know please what is best HCG trademark there available here in my country only (Choriomon 5000ui / Profasi 5000ui / Pregnyl 5000ui ) what is best one of these and more effective ?

    -Nolvadex and Clomid start together after last shot of HCG by 4days

    Nolvadex 20mg for 45day

    Clomid 100mg for 30day

    so what you think please about this PCT is it good enough to fix this test atrophy and gyno or these better one ?

    -and is it good idea to do not take hcg together with nolvadex and clomid ?

    -and is 4days after last hcg shot to start clomid/nolvadex is enough period ?

    -or its better if took all together in the same time ?

    thank you for your time i hope a good answers please as fast possible
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    This made me start giggling uncontrollably :)
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    Read through this entire thread and take note. It gets more detailed. Good luck!
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  12. Thanks bro..
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    Good info! Thx. I have a question regarding when I come off cycle. Last 8 weeks of cycle will b just 100 prop eod and 50mg Anavar a day. I am running .5 arimadex eod throughout cycle. Long cycle. Currently on 500 test cyp/ena/deconate/wk and 400 eq/week. Then in alil over a month into tren and prop and masteron then var. Test doses will actually b lowered to 300 a week once I get on tren. Tren not goin over 300/wk. So cycle will end with prop. Will do hcg for 2 weeks then clomid. Why use nolvadex with clomid? How long after last shot of prop and last day of anavar should I start? I was thinkin 3 days UT should I wait alil more?

    Also.. Why not just continue arimadex through pct with clomid..only at a smaller dose? Just curious...i never really got why they say clomid works better with Nolvadex that clomid alone.
    I love fn arimadex. Helps really rid u of any extra water when diet is already clean.
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    Is still needed to blast hcg just before pct if you use HCG 500mg E3D since day one of the cycle?
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    Long post, basically clomid and nolva act slightly differently and a smaller dose of both as opposed to a larger dose of one creates a better synergy. arimidex is good to use during PCT imo, in combo with clomid and nolva ofc.
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    So if its a 12week cycle on test e, wait at least 21 days from the very last pin on week 12 to start pct ( taking clomid and nolva)?
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    I have a lot of friends who are professional body builders. Needless to say these guys get blood work all the time and I trust what they say. I normally run 750 test cyp and 500 deca for a 12 week cycle. However, week 10 they recommend of course stopping the deca. Week 11 they tell me to cut the test to 500, then week 12 to 250. Then to start pct 2 weeks later. Does anyone see any flaws in this method? It cuts the cycle a little shorter but is easier on your nuts and supposedly gets your body right faster. I also pop a nolvadex every 3-4 days when on cycle to keep estrogen low. I don't particularly like arimidex on cycle. I've never had gyno and I always seem to rebound quickly once my pct is close to being over. I also only use hcg at end of cycle to jump start my nuts.
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    Dont know why you would taper the Test dose at week 11,just stopping it completely tapers it off.........if you stop test at week 10 you will still have a lot of test in your system at week 12.....