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    I dont see any problem with tapering off the test, if it works for you.

    nolva will prevent gyno but it will not lower your estrogen, maybe aromasin would be more agreeable than the adex.
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    Sorry I got clomid and nolvadex confused. Clomid I take every 3 days.
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    By tapering off the test weeks 11 and 12 I was told and believe it makes your nuts and test levels get back to normal faster combined with good pct. However, I've only ran about 8 cycles so I'm not as experienced as most of the members here.
  4. Burrr

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    clomid doesn't lower your estrogen either, just blocks it at some receptors.
    Only an AI will prevent the excess test from convertingredients to estrogen
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    Tapering the dose instead of just stopping it at week 11 will take longer for you to recover because the test will be in your system longer...2 to 3 weeks longer
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    Okay thanks for the info. I guess I need to do more research instead of trusting what people are telling me. Glad I joined this forum. The information here is valuable. Especially since the information I was given was wrong.
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    There was so much information on this thread. I felt like some of the older posts were just people trolling because It seems hard to believe people would start a cycle without a pct plan. In scuba diving we have a saying that goes, "plan your dive and dive your plan". Seems like the same thing could be said here. "Plan your cycle and cycle your plan". There are some real horror stories in this thread that seem like they were just made up to scare people away from juicing.
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    Wait 500mg of test a week and you have to wait 35 days for pct?

    I was told you only need to wait 3 weeks after last pin to start PCT.

  9. Wood4days

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    That's what I was told. however the sticky said 35 days after last pin. or the 2nd week.

    I would suggest doing bloodwork on the 3rd week a few days before PCT to check your test level.
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    So, according to the OP's post, given the pct exemple, one would need 70 tabs of clomid (50mg) and 180 tabs of nolva (10mg), right?

    The 50mg and 20mg in the morning and night, are half the dose right? The total would equal to 100mg and 40mg respectively...
  11. Wood4days

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    Do you have to split it morning and night?

    Can you just do 100 clomid and 40 nolvadex all in the morning? why split 50/20 morning and night?
  12. Impulse666

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    So that the body can absorve it better?

    My question is: Considering the example given by the OP, how much grams of each would one need to take daily?

    Clomid - 100
    nolva - 40


    Clomid - 100
    Nolva- 20

  13. Wood4days

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    I do

    week 1-2
    100 clomid
    40 nolvadex

    Week 3-4
    50 clomid
    20 nolvadex
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  14. Impulse666

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    Seems good enough. Thanks!
  15. Applenow

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    Does this pct look ok?

    Test prop 30mg ED weeks 1-8
    tren ace 60mg ED 1-8

    hcg 1000iu per week for 14 days before pct start date

    Prami on hand
    arimidex on hand

    PCT 3 days after last pin
    clomid 50/50/50/50
    nolva 20/20/20/20
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    This thread is pure gold! Ty op

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    I am struggling to totally understand PCT I understand I need my testerone levels back to normal but I have also been told to take hcg and aromasin while on my cycle one for gyno one for my ''testies'' but could I just take the simpler option and run a PCT after and be quite safe ? A answer would be great as I'm really unsure what to do. Thank you
  18. fndwggn

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    Thanks for all the info. I am nearing the end of my first cycle and have a couple of questions. I did have a plan, but the more you read (as a beginner), the more you start to doubt/question. I am posting my bloods in hopes someone might look at them and suggest anything (if necessary). Also question about your PCT suggestions.

    For PCT, I have often heard ~14 days for test e. If I am waiting 35 days (or 14), I just continue my AI during that time and then switch to PCT? I would think about tapering AI as test levels are dropping? I am on exemstane 12.5 ED (explained below).

    Also, I was thinking I would start HCG during the last weeks of my cycle--from reading suggestions. Sounds like I should wait on that as well? So, 20 days after last pin with AI only, and then HCG 2000iu E3D for 14 days, then run the PCT?

    Some basic info: 500mg test e per week (2x250). The mid-cycle bloods 48 hours after my first pin of week 6. I am taking exemestane at 12.5mg/day. I am erring on the side of caution here because I have a little gyno from a shitty PH cycle I started and then ditched last year. Hoping that my est. levels aren't too low as a result of this dosage.

    Also, should I get a lipid test--I forgot to order it, could still get one done now if it's important?

    Thanks for the help!

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  19. fndwggn

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    Thanks for all the info. I am just about to start my HCG protocol. Are you mixing 2000iu of HCG per mL of bac water? Or should it be more diluted?
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    Awesome info on pct!!