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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Big_paul, Aug 21, 2016.

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    Clusterfuck or useless thread. I'll take clusterfuck and use my brain to sort it out. This thread is completely useless. It is just a bitchfest for bitches. If you present a problem without a solution you are an idiot who merely has another useless opinion. Anyone who takes someone like that seriously is a fucking blind sheep. Enjoy jerking each other off...
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    Lol. I wasn't backing this thread or the OP, I was simply voicing my opinion on your post specifically. So what you're implying is it would be perfectly fine for everyone to run around saying "____ source sucks due to _____ y'all should all go use _____ instead!" Hopefully I'm expressing my thoughts correctly tho I'm not near as articulate as some here or as I would like.
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    I think some perspective needs to be had here. Pharmacom is a huge UGL. And as a UGL and we should be skeptical of quality as they are not being regulated by any governmental agency for product quality - i would note though that deregulation of various industries and reduction of funding by congress to governmental agencies in the US has produced an environment where consumers of many products and services, including medical, are not necessarily any better off, in terms of 3rd party verified quality, buying Pfizer or Bayer, verses a UGL that cares about quality control. But I digress.

    We should hold Pharmacoms (or any UGLs) feet to the fire if things fall off the rails with regard to quality. However, the sheer volume of business done by Pharmacom dictates that there will periodically be issues with product - its simply unavoidable as any producer who produces a product at large volume is going to have outliers. I'm not saying we should not be concerned and ask for answers when issues arise, but we should not pick up pitchforks and have such a knee jerk reaction. Issues are going to occur as any UGL or producer of any product at large volume. The issue is how Pharmacom or any UGL addresses the problems that crop up. To hold them at a 100% perfect quality standard is simply ridiculous, even for a bonafide pharma source.
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    Can we kill this thread yet?
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    What! Why???? With all the in depth info that has been accumulated thus far
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    Can anyone verify the size of the vial. I have never used hgh, and don't know if this is 2,5, or 10ml size.
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    Lol :rolleyes: I guess we can let doc keep bumping it for awhile.
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    Huh? What do you mean by "this"?
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    Okay niggers where were we. Oh thats right pharmacomstore is fucking mesorx and to that I say Daroius, hope I spluged your name right, you fucking cocksucker, I will do my solid best to destroy your thread.This is my last post on this thread. I am going to haunt your thread none stop. Your nightmare has just begun you fucking peice of shit. See you in the morning cunt on your thread.

    Good night all.
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    I just thought if you could determine the size of the object in the vial. Then you would have a semi-reliable data point. The thread is interesting, but is lacking info. So since we know that vials are standardized we can determine a very close approximation of the size of the object in question. Then we could convert those measurements into microns. This would tell us if it could have passed through a filter or through a needle, depending on the gauge. Without any other testing available, eliminating possibilities may be the only thing to be done. I am new here, so if this train of thought is not productive to the conversation, then I do apologize.
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  11. Words to live by! lol
  12. I think this method, although a thoughtful and scientific approach, will only fuel more argument and debate with no end in sight. Analytical testing is really the only way to know for sure and end the debate.
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    Understood, well I hope it gets resolved soon. Until then, I guess I will just enjoy the fireworks, lol!
  14. Unless I misunderstood, PCom said they were going to replace the bad GH kit, regardless of the identity of substance inside, effectively making the argument moot on origin, in terms of customer and UGL resolution. However, knowing the identify of the UFO will increase the certainty of whom is responsible and allow for further speculation on how it came to be. So yes, more fireworks are sure to come, lol

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong about what PCom has or has not agreed to do at this point.
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    I like your style... But nothing visible to the naked eye like that should have passed through a filter.
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    PCOM is replacing the kit and the customer has agreed to ship it to Simec for testing.
    If I remember right.

    Just time to tell what happens assuming Simec can even determine what it is..
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    Wtf is up with the racism?
    Wow, you definitely lost it!!
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    Damn. Youve officially lost what little respect I had for you. Paul, youve shown yourself totally of base on numerous occasions and you are a liability to this (and all) boards. I hope you crawl back in that hole that you occasionally crawl out of and never come back.
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    Millard, I know this is an uncensored forum, but don't you think Paul has crossed the line with the racisim
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    So has anyone tried Pharmacom? Ive heard mixed reviews and was thinking of placing an order