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    Any of you guys ever use one of these machines before? Just grabbed one from a buddy yesterday. I didn't realize what it was until I got home. I thought it was a lat pulldown row type machine. IMG_20200404_123458.jpg
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    That’s Hammer Strength’s machine version of the power clean. Works those muscles. I like it because my wrists lack the mobility to do a traditional power clean “catch” at the top. It gives you pretty good range of motion for a machine. You’ll develop a nice tight ass with that!

    Sorinex recently copied it with there power arm attachments for their racks.

    If that’s not your style of training, I’ve seen them for sale on Craigslist before the corona home gym fever for $750-$900. Who knows how much more someone would pay right now. Sell it and buy shit you’d use!
  3. One of my favorite machines.
    Really works explosive shoulder strength.

    I'm a huge believer in overloading the delts with work that they cant accomplish without incorporating other body parts.

    I stand by the John meadows thought process
    "At one point, your shoulders will be taking that weight... and the overload is fantastic for building muscles"

    Sure, I rarely do it, as it doesnt focus on lifts like I want.
    But an excellent method for overloading.

    It's also Jeff Cavieleres favorite explosive movement.
    Great for all around athleticism
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    Gotta be something from all that pressing overhead with the body English
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  5. That is very impressive
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  7. I have to agree with Eddie/Shaw/Oberst/Big Z

    Doesnt count in the home gym.

    Sure, Thor can pull 501kg, never doubted it.

    But it's not in competition, doesnt count.
    Will be cool to see, Thor should do it, just to prove hes the best, but he shouldnt count it.

    I know Magnus is the judge and Magnus is a gold standard judge, but it's just not the same
  8. i feel like i read/heard Kaz will be another judge. I think Eddie Hall might have mentioned it in an interview about Thors attempt.

    I'm with you, shouldn't count. i get he was preparing for it, then COVID happened. Shit happens sometimes.
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    Was that Rikishi?
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    Awesome power. I literally get chills watching this shit
  12. So ridiculous
    But I'll 100% watch it.
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    It's funny all these people on Facebook saying how they'll gas out after 30 seconds. Like strongman requires no conditioning. Not that it means they're skilled fighters or anything.
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    I don’t think they’ll gas out that quick but I imagine it will be over after the first meaningful punch is landed. Look like some butter bean shit
  15. That being said

    I'm pretty sure I could hit Thor in the head with a Honda civic and he would be okay
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    How do you reach his head with a good punch?
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