Ok lets see your ladies!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jayb, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. Docd187123

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    The pics I posted aren't of my lady and the girl didn't care about it.
  2. Walker

    Walker Member

    oops.JPG heres one of mine....

    MANWHORE Member

  4. fightingfires

    fightingfires Member

    my gal. Can't get her into iron but she loves the cardio smaller size.jpg
  5. Walker

    Walker Member

    nice...kinda looks like she has semen stuck between her fingers lol

  6. fightingfires

    fightingfires Member

    hahaha just hand cream...but thats the other use women use it for
  7. Benny

    Benny Member

    Ofcourse you do, she's female
  8. Blacken

    Blacken Member

    My girl is a professional pole dancer I'm a luck guy.
  9. FuriousWO

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    Fuck @Blacken I just downed a 1000 calorie shake .....
  10. Melly Mel from hell

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    Laughing my mutha fuckin ass off. Where does this shit come from!!!
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  11. Rocks Off

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    What in thee fuck?
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  12. Ozzy619

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    You can fuck her stomach flap and never even know the difference. Gotta roll that bitch in some flour to find that sweet honey hole. Bet that asshole is just ripe enough to eat clean.
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  13. Ozzy619

    Ozzy619 Member

    Is that lotion of a lil somthin somthin on her hand bro?
  14. fightingfires

    fightingfires Member

    another friend 306-tif.jpg 306-tif.jpg

    and she is 56 yrs old!
  15. FuriousWO

    FuriousWO Member

    That's impressive for 56!!
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  16. heady muscle

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  17. heady muscle

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    ♪ ♫"Strange Days Have Found US" ♪ ♫.
  18. Harry

    Harry Member

    Not mine, but a very good "friend" she's 41 btw....I have a thing for asses if you can't tell


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  19. big boi

    big boi Member

    Damn harry u really beat that ass
    Up check out that bruise.

    MANWHORE Member

    That's impressive for 36 around my way :(
    I bet she gives it to you good in bed..

    Mine is 47 and she is damn good in bed

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