Ok lets see your ladies!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jayb, Feb 13, 2015.

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    Thanks ogh, ya she got scored down last year because her back was so much better then her hammys and glutes. So we have been pounding them all offseason she will start a real heavy bulk in the next couple weeks, and start cutting mid summer. First time lifting real heavy in about 9 months the other day she hit 225 on dead lifts for 6 reps, still weighing in around 125lbs. Half the dudes in my gym stopped to watch her, just shaking there heads.
    And yes I am blessed man she pushes me every day cause there is no damn way I am going to be out worked by any women. We usually end up half dead in a pool of sweat by the end, and start counting the min till we can do it again.
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    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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    image.jpg Can't find any suitable recent pics, so here is a pic from 25 years ago lol. She hasn't changed much.
  4. Neither has a Pringles can
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    Thats funny Benny, love the Charlies angles hair.
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    The real funny part, the hair hasn't changed much either lol. I'll find a newer pic some how, cuz she really looks same other then a few normal wrinkles from being in her forties now.
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    Giving me flash backs trucker,
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    Good, now its gone:D
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    I would urge everyone to be cautious on what pictures you post. Often they can be linked to real accounts leading to personal info. Just throwin that out there...
  10. .....or a pack of Marlboro"s . lol o_O
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    And, there is facial recognition as well.
  12. gr8whitetrukker

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    Google is a crazy thing. If you post a pic on your avi and also on another forum on the web google will sync the two and your real identity is easily found. Just be careful
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    Damn PI i think we have a winner!
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    Lucky bastard!
  16. Benny

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    ^^^^^what he said!!!
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    The wife doing cable flys

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    That wouldn't live to walk another day.....

    congrats PI this is what after all we live for right? to show off our assets. Our ladies, our trophies.

    On a side note I can't believe you gentleman are willing to show the faces of your ladies.
  19. Benny

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    A twenty five year old picture that's not posted anywhere else. I think I'm safe to say nobody would be able to match that up lol
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