Ok lets see your ladies!!!

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    MANWHORE Member

    Seriously, my girl can not see me looking at this..
    I would never hear the end of it

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  3. Benny

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    Man, this doesn't sound like MW. Are you sick, or just off gear right now?
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    MANWHORE Member

    Off tren but I like this Test E

  5. LifeSTRONG

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    There we go I put to 2 cents in boys
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  6. Benny

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    I'm hooked on that liquid gold Tren. Always been a horn dog, but man the Tren has amplified it. I love it, and can certainly see a lot more Tren in my future.
  7. Benny

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    MANWHORE Member

    Yea that stuff is good,
    but all three of my raw sources seem to have pretty good quality..

    The first Tren that 2Gunz labmaxed was from PLNutrition
    and that was the plutonium people talked about,
    but let's face it..
    Everything comes down to results, especially
    now that we know labmax can be tricked and
    there are no solid HPLC or MS testing facilities ..

  9. Benny

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    I'm happy with results. Ten pounds in a month, 1" on arms, two inches on thighs, and some fat is gone to boot. I would say that is acceptable results.
  10. Harry

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    Oh I have :p:D
    One of the best women I've had...freak in the bed
  11. Walker

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    manwhore, ive been here since july and never seen the pussy you always talk about pounding...i think its time you start showing us...im sure im not the only one who is curious...

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    MANWHORE Member

    I wouldn't put my woman on here..

    If you remember I was going to put my
    ex upstate NY on here, but I thought it was disrespectful so I didn't..

    I did post the girl who gave me the handjob.. maybe I should not have

    Let me see if I can find the pussy shot from my girl..
    She broke my chromebook, so bought me
    another one, but I do have pics saved in my AOL.. I love AOL folders..

    She gave me a black eye
    with a nice blind uppercut.. Yea, I didn't post that one yet :(

  13. Walker

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    post em up brother...whAt they dont know wont hurt them...

    MANWHORE Member

  15. gr8whitetrukker

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    Not only does he post a pic but a pic with a full on face shot haha
  16. Walker

    Walker Member

    dont think you will be able to google image that one gr8...lol

    MANWHORE Member

    This is the one who had cancer 7 times..
    She is a tough girl and we were in love..

    These are the kind of girls I like,
    but I choose different this time.. Still nice little body but not a model..

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    MANWHORE Member

    You would have been seeing another
    HOT AS HELL model type 24yr old, but I
    felt guilty so I stopped talking to her..

    I won't take advantage of women
    to get what I want...
    They have to want me and be
    level headed..

    This 24yr old was being treated bad by her boyfriend
    and she showed interest, but I just couldn't go for it..
    I look in her eyes now and regret not going for it but I think I won't be good for her..

    I have big plans and I can't let love get in the way

  19. gr8whitetrukker

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    Small tits are cool