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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Trenity, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. Trenity

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    Please don't make the laugh bro. My ribs are killing me from all the dry heaving the last few days.:confused:
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  2. SJB23

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    When you getting letro bro??
  3. Trenity

    Trenity Member Supporter

    Letro is in stock now.

    Posting an updated pastebin momentarily.
  4. Trenity

    Trenity Member Supporter

    A couple of changes to the list. Raw prices have been moving up a bit an I haven't adjusted. These increases are to account for that and to be able to afford more testing.

    Increase in price of Test E 300(From $25 to $30)
    Increase in price of Deca 300 (From $30 to $35)
    Increase in price of Prop 100 (From $15 to $20)

    TPP 200
    Accutane 20mg
    Letro 2.5mg

  5. kriskringle

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    I am a solid 6+ weeks into 500mg/wk of test C, never got uncapped bloods before, where is the best place to get them? Can I go to a Doc and ask for LS/MS Total T test?
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  7. Venroc

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    Damn expensive tho !
  8. Mac11wildcat

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    Letro going out for testing or has it already? That’s a bitch of a drug if the dosing is wrong; both for the intended use and any unexpected outcome of too much or too little.
  9. Trenity

    Trenity Member Supporter

    adex, Asin and letro are next up for testing. Finished caps.
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  10. Robby550

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    @Trenity Thanks bro for the extras. Appreciate you working with me know i had quite a few questions and i can be bothersome but every thing looks great. 3days Tor2door!!!!!!!!
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  11. desertwarrior

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    I see 1 test cyp/ dhb in the testing section but don’t see it on the price list. Am I missing something?
  12. Mdubbs

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    Yes... I see it. It just says DHB.
  13. desertwarrior

    desertwarrior Member

    Bullet point 71 on the paste bin

  14. Mdubbs

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  15. tubesox

    tubesox Member

    you guys ever think of adding any suspensions or TNE to your menu? Need a good supplier of both
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  16. Tizzousa

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    He used to have TNE but discontinued making or offering it for whatever reason.
  17. Trenity

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    I tried to get away with brewing it with no guac, but it just ain't working. Can't keep it in solution to save my life. Gonna go back to making it at 100mg/mL with guac. just waiting on the guac.
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  18. Worf

    Worf Member

    maybe some halo too
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  19. Tizzousa

    Tizzousa Member

    Will need for grab some man. I still have an old vial still holding strong no guac. But I heard it can be a bitch to do so whatever works man
  20. BIG74

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    Testosterone, Free (Dialysis) and Total LC/MS/MS

    I use ULTA LABS, the above test is $ 48 . They use Quest diagnostics for the lab draw. Click on above link to view test and web page.
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