Pristine Anabolics Intro

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Trenity, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. tubesox

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    TNE 50/DBOL 25.. thatd be a hell of a pwo
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  2. Ejetson

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    Quick t/a, good comms, all accounted for- thanks @Trenity! Glad you’re back at it
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  3. kriskringle

    kriskringle Junior Member

    Sorry for the noob question but what is t/a and comms?
  4. Ejetson

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    Turn around
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  5. Tits & Ass.
  6. DirtyDAN1003

    DirtyDAN1003 Junior Member

    Anyone running his tren ace?
  7. Anthony Minerva

    Anthony Minerva Member Supporter

    Yea I fuck trannys now so it's legit
  8. Ejetson

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    Transgender & Anal
  9. Savagesteve

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    So in plain English this means a good time?
  10. Ejetson

    Ejetson Member

    In plain English it means an AWESOME TIME!
  11. 88GENERAL88

    88GENERAL88 Member

    He does have a blend NPP/TPP and he also offers sustanon. I can speak from experience. They are both very good products. In case you were wondering.
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  12. 88GENERAL88

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    You’ve always been balls deep in a tranny so your word is shit.
  13. Trenity

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    Current batch of Tren Ace tested at 99.6mg/mL last week.

    Running a little sale all day today:

    15% off all orders over $100
    20% off all orders over $500

  14. Cityofgrit

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  15. Worf

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    Dont lie about them being trannys. Theyre just dudes
  16. Anthony Minerva

    Anthony Minerva Member Supporter

    I was wondering why they had cocks...
  17. Trena100

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    Anyone heard back from him today?
  18. Gymjunkie70

    Gymjunkie70 Member Supporter

    Not today but yesterday when I ordered
  19. SJB23

    SJB23 Junior Member

    Nope I tried to place an order but no response.
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  20. Mac11wildcat

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