Private Sources and Why They Aren't the Answer

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by CensoredBoardsSuck, Mar 6, 2015.

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    Great point cbs. Couldn't be said better. I can relate exactly with ehst you've stated. I have been on both sides of that fence.
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    truth is a lot of folks out on the streets don't know what a true pharmaceutical company is. Only a small proportion truly have any education on the subject and thanks in large to sites like this. And you can explain to them with multiple examples and they still dont understand simply because they don't care other then what the product can guarantee them.

    Truth is it doesn't matter all the fancy equipment or claims anyone can make. Ugl is simply that. All these claims of multi million dollar investments and FDA connections. Everything outside a FDA lab is heated in a stove behind plastic curtains isolating a home made lab from a living room.
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    There's a big difference between "advertised private" and "private sources" to me at least.
    Anytime I hear these sources say " oh we'll be going private soon", it's a red flag fuck off.

    Odds are with a smaller private lab once you've established a relationship when a problem arises it will be handle respectably, given the complaints are valid.
    Every product a source carry isn't going to be fire, it just isn't . Like CBS said bc of raws etc. They are a UGL not a pharmacy , every UGL has issues.

    It's about establishing trust, which is tough in this thing at times. Once you find a good one it makes trust much easier.
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    As @CensoredBoardsSuck pointed out, most consumers don't see it the same way. (I'm assuming you are referring to sources that say they are going private + closed to new customers.) It is a brilliant marketing strategy that rakes in new customers like no other. It's human psychology that people want what they can't have; they rush to become part of the group before the "opportunity" is closed to them.
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    Yes absolutely and it works like a charm
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    I've said this before that public sources cannot last here, mainly bc of how much traffic comes through the board and operating openly.

    It's seems to me that issues with the private sources have already come to light in the underground and we not swept under the rug. I believe one of the issues is being handle by a rep. So there has been some accountability thus far, and there has been open discussion about these sources.
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    Spot on, Jack..

    The sources here that people say are private are NOT private and they've been treated as such. Complaints in the open, testing threads, discussion, etc..

    None of this would be going on with a true private source. Meso doesn't and shouldn't operate completely behind the scenes like that and that's why there are no private sources here and probably never will be.. Meso/private source?? Sounds like an oxymoron to me..
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    IME private sources that I've encountered are more willing to be held accountable for what they are selling and that's based on my personal experience with four of them and three out of four is a hell of a lot better than the uniform JUNK Meso UGLs are selling.

    And that's with damn good reason, because NOT ONE UGLs whose intro began on Meso sells a product worth a crap especially on a consistent basis or for a period exceeding a few months!
  9. I guarantee that NO private source is capable of selling properly dosed gear on a consistent basis either.

    The ONLY way to insure the gear you're selling is legit is by testing it. Until that happens, your chances of getting legit gear will depend on luck, whether it's private or public.
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    "willing to be held accountable for what they are selling"

    ^^^ what does this mean?
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    ^^^^^^^^ It's means they are generally more open to the same criticisms UGL reject outright, and are also more willing to correct a "wrong" rather than dismiss it as BULLSHIT.

    The reason i mentioned previously, they are much more familiar with those they are selling AAS to and as a result are more apt to believe a complaint is legit.

    Of course I'm not suggesting this is the case for all comers (buyers/sellers), but when I compare the limited number of Private labs to these fly by night UGL that arrive on Meso on a seemingly daily basis, IMO there is no comparison.

    I am not saying this is a uniformly accurate assessment, but I do believe bc the quality of Meso UGL is so poor, it's difficult, if not impossible, for the said "private sector" to be any worse.

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    I would expect any small source with a limited number of customers to be more responsive to customer complaints. However, I'm not sure how they would go about correcting a complaint of low quality product without access to analytical product testing?

    I would also hope that they are better than the inexperienced, bottom-of-the-barrel startup UGLs that previously flooded MESO in response to the SCOC vetting process. Those startup UGLs were likely only gymrats homebrewing in their kitchen who thought it would be cool to call themselves a UGL.

    If only those gymrats-homebrewing-in-their-kitchen-who-thought-it-would-be-cool-to-call-themselves-a-UGL had spent a few months on MESO making friends first and then turned "private source", the perception of them may have been different.

    Let's hope this doesn't really happen in response to the recent trend towards glorifying private sources...
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    That CBS has not been MY experience and I'll leave it at that mate.
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    Understand my intent is certainly not to glorify anything mate. There is a reason Veteran Meso mates are using Private rather than Public sources, especially those advertising on Meso, they are simply delivering a better quality product overall.

    But as I mentioned earlier in many instances that feat is NOT so difficult to accomplish IME.

    How about we start a poll to determine the ratio of Private to Public users on Meso?
    Seriously the results may surprise you OR even me, lol.
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    To state that private sources are delivering a better quality product than public sources is extremely misleading when your standard of comparison is the inexperienced, bottom-of-the-barrel startup public UGLs that no ever heard of until they spammed MESO.
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    What exactly are you referring to? What statements have been made along those lines?
    I mean that's a pretty dramatic statement and IMO implies others are saying hands down, Private are better than Public sources.

    I certainly DO NOT agree with the latter sentiment at all. My comments are EXCLUSIVELY based on my exposure to Meso as a sourcing forum, which obviously is a very limited venue.

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    Oh that's absolutely correct, which is why I've tried to emphasize that very point. But I can't protect people from themselves, been there done that. (and without success I may add, :) )
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    Thanks for the clarification. Some of your statements seemed a little ambiguous and contradictory to me. You have qualified the scope of your statements. Others have broadly generalized their assertions of private sources having superior products to public sources.
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    I really think for most members here, it isn't a matter of sterility, quality of raws, production process, etc.

    I think it is just a matter of tenure.

    Given the choice to order from a new ugl that just showed up 3 days ago, who claims to not have a previous handle here, OR order from a member who has a start date from back in 2006, I think it is quite understandable that the average member believes that "the guy who has been hanging out here for 9 years" will still be here next month, while the average new ugl usually is gone by then.

    I really do think it is as simple as that for many fellas here. They assume that if a member selling gear wasn't coming through with good product, he would have been exposed and ran off sometime over the last 9 years.
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  20. No, don't leave it at that because this is an important point that needs to be discussed. I'm not trying to argue or discount your personal experience, but IF your private source isn't testing his gear, how can it possibly be quality gear all the time when we know the Chinese WILL sell an inferior product every time they get the chance?

    I've seen some say it's not the Chinese but the ugls who are stepping on product. I think that is definitely happening with expensive compounds like Primo, however, even compounds like Test C and E are coming up bunk and underdosed. And they're dirt cheap, with raws costing only pennies per vial.

    When brewing Test E, the powder is just a small fraction of an ugl's total cost. You still have to pay for the vial, oil, BA and BB, as well as the time and equipment needed to prepare and bottle it. Those supplies will cost more than the powder. So it's not like an ugl can double its profit by cutting the powder in half like cocaine dealers do. At best cutting will only add a few percent to the profit margin, but that few percent will come at the cost of the ugls good name.

    Stepping on powder only makes sense for the raw supplier. The raw supplier can double $1500 worth of powder by cutting it with $2 worth of inert powder. Now that $1500 of powder is worth $3000.

    Good quality raws are everything for an ugl and that's where the problem begins. Until that problem is addressed, we're pissing in the wind.