Private Sources and Why They Aren't the Answer

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    Well if they were ambiguous to you I'm sure I confused many others, so thanks for pointing that out M!
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    yea very good fact. I remember there was tgc out their lol i felt like a god when i got it !! theere stuff actually was still the best i have tried ! Now im sure plenty of them are playing games and getting extra profits its pricey to get started to make all the finished product with labels so when some labs charge less its very hard and risky game
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    Firstly let me apologise for the off topic post in this now important sticky thread. That being said @Voltrader, you see this?? 2-1 thank you very much. Wellbeck be crying with laughter no doubt. COYG
    Sorry, back to regular programming
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    Nice article, thanks for sharing. You made some good points. However, the problem is the scarcity of good sources versus widespread of scam sources. Nowadays, there are many sources selling good product while adding some low dosed batches to sell it to amateurs. Moreover, private sources can be beneficial to newbies so they can test the effect of genuine product.
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    You believe that there are "good sources"(good UGL's) that sell low dosed gear to amateurs and accurately and overdosed gear to whom? IFBB pro's? Your post sounds as if there are a number of sources that have a bunch of pros in their stable that they source to and then what? They come to meso and sell under dosed gear to us?
    I do believe that some sources start off by sending accurately dosed or better gear to mods and vets to get the ball rolling and then when regular members orders start coming in they half the doses or whatever they do to get over. Is that what you really meant?
    The second half of what I quoted from you above doesn't make much sense to me either? Are you aware of some private sources that actively seek out noobs that have little experience with gear to be customers of theirs? Guys that are new to gear wouldn't be the best choice to have as a customer base. Besides not knowing anything about how to go about the different ways of making payment and getting the info to them safely and accurately.
    They don't know many people who use gear(if they did they'd get from them) so they won't be buying a whole bunch to sell to others. They won't be using much themselves? The source would be lucky to get a 5 vial order for a cycle?
    The noob also doesn't have any references? They'd have to do back-round checks and gather info on guys that are unknown to the Community. Do these sources troll the message boards and pm members that fit the criteria they have for being a noob?
    Are you just posting to post?
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    i do not believe most ugl intentionally under dose gear, i do believe they do not test their raws and their suppliers for powder cut it , hell havent any of you guys done drugs other than steroids ? its a matter of getting the powder before it is stepped on to many times ...
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    I was sharing my experience. I had some really good sources selling low dosed stuff to me because I was new. I had my experienced friends test them. Moreover, it was hard for me to find a good source. You may look from a perspective of someone old in this stuff, but for someone new, it gets really hard. I hope that I answered your question, thanks.
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    You never know, but you are right most likely, most UGL don't do it unintentionally. While sometimes, their own representative do that when they are in shade, but honestly, I don't know I was sold a low dosed batch from a reputable source. However, they never agreed to have sold low dosed stuff, so I just ate the cost.
  9. Mam I gotta say this was a good read, thanks for the post !
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    Isn't it the damn Jews behind all the private sources? Just like how you can't discuss the halacaust so you can't discuss the sources.
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    You piece of shit back again.
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    I'd love to buy my gear from the jews, that shit would at least be kosher.
    I do enjoy their hot dogs
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    Talk to censoredboardssuck, he gets his delivered free of charge direct from Israel. Each batch is handed checked by ariel Sharon.

    Why do you think CBS bad mouths each and every lab/source? Because he gets his made by the greatest intelligent race on earth.

    I tried some isis made gear - never again. The roid rage made me feel like running into a synagogue with a ak47 or beheading American journalists. That shit almost landed me in gitmo!
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    We could be so lucky.
  15. private sources r deff.good u just gotta find a good source,build up a good relationship and,hope that there raw supplier stays the same,and that keeps up with the high quality.,1 private underground lab for me.and a few known brands for myself and friends as well.
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    Look at you acting like you are some one man governing body of the steroid underworld.

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    Since this thread relates to private sources I was wondering if I could ask, if you're currently using a private, and they choose to go open as in sponsor on a board(s), should you worry or not really?
  18. Burrr

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    I wouldn't worry. I'd hope they can handle the increased volume, but going public does not always mean that users will be swamping you with orders.
    I've got a couple privates that I use, one has gone back and forth with being on eroids.
    The other has plans to go public soon. It's the same gear, it's just usually cheaper when they are private.
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    Thanks for the reply. Speaking of more volume what about that added volume of perhaps attracting unwanted attention from the bad guys?
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    Unless you are buying enough gear to be a street dealer, this should not be a problem for you. Sure, if they get busted you'll be out some cash.... but LEO does not go out looking for all of a SRC's little customers. A good source will be deleting your info from his emails anyway.
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