Private Sources and Why They Aren't the Answer

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    Gotcha thank you for the help
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    Good stuff,Thanks
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    Remember before you consider a private source just bear in mind that a Jew may have used his big nose to mix the gear. So it could be seriously contaminated.
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    Really? Are you 12 years old? Get a life, better yet, just end yours.
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    Most guys are laying low . Cause of all the bust going on
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    Private vs public is an interesting debate. I think many feel safer with a private bc they dont think a public/advertised is legit. Are the ones on meso legit Millard?
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    Even though I was being a tad rhetorical I don't get the public vs private ugl sourcing that Millard was making. Maybe I was misinterpreting him wrong.
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  9. There's still a hand full of great private sources our there that r deff.kept on the low.with none to less than 1% of info.about them on boards.
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    have yet to find a non private source come anywhere near my private ones - but maybe thats just me lol
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    I agree , they are hit or miss I might be starting to supply some time after October or November just to see how it goes. I have never done that before but I did mail home for myself 6 boxes of test-e and proviron and clomid without a problem using local Thai mail so I was thinking on doing it more but I am not sure yet if it would be worth it but I will be able to try it after october.
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    You should contact one of the currently operating UGL's here and see if they have any summer internships available, to allow you to further acclimate yourself to the business. :rolleyes:
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    ok thank you
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    I have just now started my first cycle. Little did I know when I researched the brand Dlabs up off the label of the test e250 you can order them online. Looking for some advice here. Can't find anything about Dlabs on whether it's real but in a way how can you sell real steroids online??? Hoping they do work and I was only up charged a lot more.
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    I am a little confused, Brian. Did you buy this Dlabs stuff locally, and then search the name on line? You sound surprised that the bottle you have in hand can also be bought through someone on line - so is it something you picked up in person?

    This especially sounds like the case since you seem to be saying you paid a lot more than what you are seeing it online for.
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    Exactly what happened. Bought them in person thinking these weren't able to be bought online. However, I researched them and found it online. Curious to know what's your opinion on this? Are they still good to use or should I look else where?
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    Sounds like most likely you're dealer buys these from the lab, and then resells them on the street (very common).

    Under that scenario, then you probably paid "a fair price" for them, despite the fact that you probably feel like you got ripped off since you now see approx what your dealer's profit is.

    But consider this - your street guy took a lot of risks you didn't have to. He sent payment to the source. He risked having the stuff delivered to him. He is the one that has a list of clients that could rat on him. He is the one driving around with his inventory in his car. Etc, etc.

    Gym prices/street prices are significantly higher than the price you can order it for online. If you are willing to assume the risks, then order it online. The great, great majority of members here do. But there are risks.

    Now, as far as "are they still good to use?" -- they are no more of a risk to use than if you had bought them online yourself. Bottom line, they were brewed/packaged in a less than professional laboratory environment, so there is always some risk of dirty gear, if that's what you're asking.
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    Thanks for posting.
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    :D impressive article
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    Wow...nice if the wife would stop getting pissed at me because I'm spending to much time online
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