Rumors Stanford, etc.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by StanfordPharma, Aug 21, 2019.

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    Lol Mac was right. You joined a few days ago. Why don't you tell everyone your real user name(s) or just keep quiet because you should be irrelevant here based on the join date. You people are nuts.
  2. Mac11wildcat

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    Just one thing to remember. The alleged “conspiracy theorists” and the individual who allegedly made this “public” are different people/groups and now at odds with each other.

    And this somehow?? ties into the infamous “Meso Reset” that uneventfully occurred a few months ago?

    Fucking mess. Let’s all go home and try again tomorrow.
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  3. Yes
  4. Ztrip

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    Look it's every dipshit who has been swallowing TGI cock the past year. Whatever are you dick riders going to do now? Here's to you @TitaniumGear (TGI).
  5. Mac11wildcat

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    So what’s your alt you moron o_O

    You guys with multiple handles coming back after being banned...can’t decide if it’s funny or embarrassing.
  6. TX_Hempknight

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    So there's layers to this shit? Meso is like an onion or an ogre, or both. Idk.
  7. Monstar

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    Yeah but a bunch of other craziness too. I'm of the opinion Stanford is correct...there is definitely something going on here. Many of us suspected before when the douchebag "vet brigade" (or one dude and his multiple accounts) showed up in TGI thread and ended up getting laughed out with his tail between his legs. He was trying to get something and had a purpose...just incompetent. I'm not knowledgeable otherwise but I tend to know when stuff smells. Too bad.
  8. Mac11wildcat

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    All I know is I never got my tinfoil hat or my secret decoder ring in the mail....
  9. Masters Power

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    Everyone knows everything and no one is every wrong... Until later.

    Lots of people who haven't been here very long drawing incorrect conclusions imo.
  10. Ztrip

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    I thought you said you were leaving? Please do there's enough midgets here already.
  11. Mac11wildcat

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    This thread is gonna be great. It’ll be one fell swoop of the ban hammer with all the MoreFuckstick crew flocking to it.
  12. I see, well I kept up with the thread since day but lost track a month ago so I’m pretty lost.
  13. Mac11wildcat

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    This thread and the “accusation” that wasn’t actually made will never end up anywhere because anyone that may have evidence of any wrongdoing fears retaliation and being ID’d and having their lives interfered with. Rightfully so if there’s something to this. If not, it’s jjst more of the same recent Meso bullshit.

    Y’all just keep on keepin’ on.

    I’m gonna go back to being a midget. See you around MoreFyah ;)
  14. Monstar

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    Even if you did keep up there's shit behind the scenes. I have zero clue what's going on. Can't say I want to be involved or have any of this drama bullshit. More important shit in everything.
  15. fershiz85

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    Stan - the meso "reset" was ben coming out of nowhere a couple months ago. He came into the TGI hot as fuck making thinly veiled opsec/physical threats, calling out mac for no reason - basically anyone who had anything decent to say about their experience with TGI. It was quite odd to say the least, basically you and TGI were the only real domestic sources at the time.

    It attracted many of the old guard to make a presence in the TGI thread throwing their two centavos about things. Bans were made, lifted for some, but shit never was the same after. Still isn't.

    I'll go live in my little utopia about things, but I fear we'll never know what/what's going on behind the scenes that caused your name to come up with TGI's departure. Probably better that way.
  16. "accusation that wasn't actually made". What do you mean by this?
  17. Mac11wildcat

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    Unless banter back and forth has been wrong anything to do with this was brought to light by a 3rd party. Not those who might have actually been the ones, let’s call it, “making the case.”

    If you read a few pages do today’s TGI thread you’ll see what I mean.

    I’m just a guy who’s seen a lot of byllshit thrown at a good source and had him run off. That is NOT for the good of meso. You seem to agree. And i won’t be convinced this isn’t all related. Going back months. But Tbh I’d rather it just die. However we have members with bad intentions continuing to come back for more.
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  18. Mac11wildcat

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    To be clear I’ve had zero interaction with you @StanfordPharma. Know nothing about you. Am not accusing you of anything. I also prefer accusations have evidence. But this one is a mess.
  19. Like i said, you'll know soon enough why meso was made to be the boogie man. It's been made clear to me why all these false accusations have been thrown around.
  20. Mac11wildcat

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    Just know this is still the internet...nothing is “clear.” There’s no definitive anything to be had unless Millard is reading others’ DMs and somehow seeing emails. All we have is possible. Not definite.