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  1. Chronology unknown and not an actual timeline.


    [1] At some point, TGI gets threatened with LE by a banned member who was never a reputable or credible member as far as I'm concerned. This is (likely) a member he has had dealings with in the past.

    [2] In June, several long time members find the discourse in his thread a point of interest and accusations are made. This largely goes nowhere, thread is left alone. The main accusation being made that there was a weird relationship between people and their source.

    [3] This upsets TGI, several members feel there is preferential treatment of long-time Meso members and are implying corruption at some level. Claiming certain things that have never been banned in the past are bannable offenses and members were being given special treatment.

    [4] This point of contention of corruption or preferential treatment never left and lingered throughout the thread thereafter.

    [5] At some point, several members (allegedly) discussed what they believe to be a conspiracy involving a source and admin.

    [6] TGI makes a post, today, stating he is done on Meso. He is citing the threat made by a banned member (and mentions a comment he made to another member regarding the banned member.) He also cites drama.

    [7] This thread is made by another source to clear his name in response to the conspiracy that he was accused of being in.


    I have so many problems with so many aspects of this.

    I feel there is a bad faith argument being made that is associating the threat a source received with the discourse in his thread a couple months ago when the two are not linked at all.

    I don't think prior drama was any reason for TGI leaving and I think he knows that as well, I think it had more to do with some forthcoming drama he was anticipating. The having a member beat up comment is what I am referring to. I suspect whomever he disclosed that to was likely going to leak it.

    It does not bode well that members are having these kind of discussions with their source, and that comment in particular is quite disturbing even if it was a joke. Regardless of how you feel about the rustling that took place in his thread a couple months back, you can't claim there is not a stink of impropriety at this point.

    The significance of citing drama as a reason is that we are now discussing the vets who gave him shit instead of actually trying to figure out what is happening.

    3D chess or I'm giving people too much credit again.
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    I am disappointed, a blind man can see where all this came from. It’s not balco or some newbie. A month or so ago when the “old vets” showed up in the thread threatening to expose titter and going to run him out of town. Y’all remember? Well they did it, and why?? I done told y’all , cyber bullies. Obviously they want a cut of the enterprise and must not be getting it. So they run him off and that leaves gear from other sources that they capitalize from. It’s simple. Kinda how the American mafia operates. No conspiracy, straight up bull dog’n. It sucks but. Pay to play
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    Yeah I’m fucking quoting myself. This belongs here too.
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    Pretty accurate, maybe not exact, but very very close. And i think Stanford is an innocent bystander That got dragged in. Jmo.
  5. hog72

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    Disrespect felt
  6. Has any other source or attempted source ever accused the board of blackmailing them for money? Why all of a sudden, after all these years does it begin and end with tgi?
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  8. Haha, remember that one guy? What the heck was his handle. The guy that had it in for @GearGodess
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    Idk, i may be wrong, but its odd how out of the blue, some old members from Meso show up on his thread raising all kind of hell and pushing their weight around, and now this
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  10. Sounds like he's saying tgi was being blackmailed for money. A cut. Just curious if this.has been accused before. I've never heard of it happening before and wonder why it would only be tgi that this happened to.
  11. Ztrip

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    Ever think TGI's big mouth finally fucked him???? Duh!!!!
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    He’s saying we suspected someone’s bottom line was being impacted by TGIs progress as a source and the driver behind the resulting “meso reset;” the invasion of “meso vets” into TGIs thread slinging shit.
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  13. So much for harm reduction ! Lmao. TGI was soooo good for the “community” but he pays to get others beat up ?!? The hypocrisy !

    How is it reducing any degree of harm to clog a source thread ? Now every shit source that gets butthole pictures or ts pictures posted in said thread, will be deemed a good source by new readers, seeing as how that’s what was done in TGI’s thread.

    The only positive that came of his thread was the consolidation of majority of the shit posting. It’s only a matter of time before it spills over (SymBiotics).

    Only venting
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    Idk about the behind the scenes sh*t, I left that part of Meso a long time ago. I will say when it comes to sources, things have changed. Some good, like the lack of telling every source to suck a dick and die in post #2, some bad, like members being way too friendly with sources. All of the sudden people are vouching for them, and sticking up for them. A source is just a source, a member is a member, and anything more is a rep...

    Sources come and go, good and bad, there will always be another
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  15. The old members are ruthless to everyone, aren't they? I mean, there may be some behind the scenes stuff going on. Matter of fact, I'm sure there is, but a long standing source that has a following this big being run off sounds off to me.
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    The only good?

    Regardless of this specific situation Meso can ask no more of a source than TGI provided in the capacity of good gear, customer service, pricing, testing, and timeliness. It doesn’t get better.

    This shit needs to be left to die. There is no satisfying end to be had. No TGI being in business with his customers. No proof of Stanford dealing dope. None. No resolution to be had.

    Only continuous useless banter and some legitimate retards stirring shit up for some sense of importance in their lacking lives.
  17. Mac11wildcat

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    Yes..but this was “orchestrated.” Timed and planned. For a purpose. It was both apparent and vocalized as such.

    The meso white knights :confused:
  18. Hey "new guy", do you ever do anything other than talk shit? Seriously. Shut the fuck up already.

    The only wanker here is you. Go get fucked.
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    "Old members" and "secret handshake"? Where in the actual fuck did all this shit come from?
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    It's quite clear that this "new guy" is Morefyah as an alt handle.