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    You really think it was some articulated plan on a day to day posting basis between members?

    It seemed like a lot of boredom at work and shit posting back and forth to fuck around.
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    Firstly I never accused anyone of being a shill not sure if that comment was pointed at me.
    And I simply gave an explanation as to why there would be beef with it.
    And the posturing about old members comment isn't this posturing on your part as well.
    As for my explanation of why I think it's a bad idea I have seen that situation play out. Maybe not tgi as I just barely came back so I have no idea. Hell I was considering him. But the end of the day everyone has their own opinions I'm not trying to change yours I was just voicing my own
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    Seems every six months or so some one goes on about some bullshit meso cabal conspiracy behind the scenes garbage. The funny thing is they can never explain exactly what they think is going on behind the scenes. It some certifiable delusions.
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    If its possible to even find where and when i entered the tgi thread its clear why i showed up.
    I knew nothing of tgi or the cast of characters. I had been away for exactly 10 months. I was 2 or 3 days returned and had no clue or plan to try and take down tgi.
    I was browsing posts and came across one of the few conversations in tbe tgi thread between Monstar and icemann. Iceman was stroking of his signature plays as seen with resident deviant, teabagger.
    Monstar was posting about his own deviant exploits involving humiliation and the sexual abuse of mentally ill women and girls and how he was of the belief that his breaking them down somehow benefited the females. I found it in poor taste and outside the scope of anything having to do with meso. I voiced my opinion. I was attacked in short order by every active day to day poster in the tgi thread.
    Free speech they demanded for all except yours truly.
    Oldschool posted he agreed with my assessment of things. A couple of members understood my position which had nothing to do with tgi or his gear.
    The accusations thrown my way ranged from my being a cooperating witness and my being permanently housed in protective custody to being a far left wing tree hugger with estrogen issues as well as as my being a card carrying feminist. Lol...
    My attackers also turned on any member that had ever posted in the tgi thread who didn"t join in with the mob. If a member familiar with me posted anything other than an attack on me or supporting those attacking me he was called a "sellout" or their loyalty to America or tgi was called into question.
    At some point i took a look around and looked into what i saw. I was playing catchup while attacking and defending myself, by myself, against a dozen or so rabid tgi supporters.
    I never called for back up from my friends. I tagged Millard and wanted him to see the posts made by Monstar that amounted to vulgar graffiti, imo.
    A few of my friends saw I was back and stopped in the thread i was posting in to welcome me home and one or more may have hit up some other friends that eventually showed to give their take on matters.
    I didnt participate in any conspiracy to remove tgi. Has anyone thought that the tgi blueprint absolutely called for an exit at some point? It would be suicide to not have an exit plan happening after a year to 18 months max of active sourcing here at meso.
    Any successful plan to source has to have an exit plan.
    He will regroup and come back after 4 to 6 months...the longer the better where self preservation is concerned.
    He should have a new name with perhaps his supporting crew sporting different names...or, to turn his nose up to LE he could have a new lab name but be supported by iceman, mac, and, if he is alive, teabagger.
    By the time LE catches on it will be time to take a vacation again.
    The time he should remain active following his first large scale succeess should be about 6 months shorter than the first.
    The reason for this is there wont be time needed to build sales and support. It will quickly get around to members that tgi is back and back for 6 to 8 months. Sales will spike within a week of returning.
    I havent read tgi's final posts. He may have taken the opportunity to take a few parting jabs at myself and others. He remained disciplined and mature for the most part. I'm certain there were times his ego wanted to lash out but he stuck to the plan.
    All that easy money and safe getaway will sooth anything that bothered him this past year.
    I gotta hand it to him. A job well done and a recipe for success that few can duplicate.
    He's allowing others the chance to eat.
    Any former tgi customers should make a note in the email when ordering from any other source. Demand the source thank tgi for the opportunity to make a sale and show what they can do. Wouldnt be possible without the break.
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    If I remember correctly, and I do, you came into the thread crying about all the inappropriate conversation.

    Throwing a bitchfit about discussions that you weren't a part of. Because some members have daughters and sisters, but apparently lack in the big girl panties department.

    Yeah, a few of us saw where you were coming from. But it was pretty well established that your approach was balls.

    Then you threatened to Dox members. At which point your credibility was zero.

    And a couple other fuckwits that regularly contribute jack and shit at this point jumped on your bandwagon.

    Lo - nobody was impressed and many were added to ignore lists that day.

    Mands was the only one of you that was worth half a fuck.
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    Glad to see yah around and still on meso so many familiar names not here anymore.
    Sorry to hear about your 10month stint.

    I will say I've known Ben to be right more than he is wrong.
    Not sure about this as I wasn't arouND.
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    Spot on Ben, spot on!

    Edit- Speaking of @T-Bagger where has the "Realest motherfucker of Meso" been hiding all day???? Lol Pathetic little worn
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    Haha...I am flattered; I'm on your mind non-stop, seriously though, it's really sad how much time you spend thinking about some random online (me).

    Edit: after scrolling through this thread, I am floored that so many people have this much time on their hands. Why are people so loyal to their sources? These are sources and only sources, nothing more. I could understand if you knew them personally, it's all shills with too much free time gossiping online.
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    When asked...and you were asked about gear, you refused to mention your boy, TGi?
    C'mon. Nobody believes that. Its wouldn't be natural to not endorse privately the guy you endorse publically.
    I dont have a problem with sources. I'm sure tgi has good gear. Its not rocket science.
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    My credibility is never zero, dummy. You dont believe that. You're lying if you say you do. I don't need to talk myself up. I get emails and visitors post ?'s to my profile pages on various sites.
    Are you serious?
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    And Millie Vanillie won a fucking Grammy. Engagement doesn't equate to credibility.

    How many are aware that your go to threat is Doxxing? Because as soon as you go there, credibility gauge resets to zero.

    Make that post your signature every board you're on, see if I'm wrong.

    It's no different than telling your plug you'll roll if he doesn't cut you a deal. Then wondering why nobody will sell you their bathtub crank anymore.

    Or why you find yourself bleeding in said plug's trunk on the way to a shallow unmarked grave.

    Fuck out a here with that shit.
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    I told myself I was going to stay out of this shit show but come on @biggerben69 I mean come on.

    I can see the issue you and others had with the TGI thread being the de facto shit posting thread, but every forum has one. Granted it could have not been a source thread but you can’t deny that TGI was a damn good source as far as testing, TA, and customer support went; obviously any source can roll at any point but he seemed legit till the end. And buried in all that sourcing and banter was legit help to members about any subject. Again, maybe it should have been given a dedicated shit post thread and not been buried in a source thread but the help and harm reduction to members was there.

    As far as TGI being a source, you’re right; he’s a source and not a member, at least I never forgot that. But to say there can be no banter between source and member is iffy, it depends on how far you take it. Hell TGI nearly refused to sell to me because I articulated my words incorrectly in an email and he put security above a sale. All I’m saying about TGI is if the problem was the banter and shit posting in a source thread it should have been addressed directly, told to stop because that’s not how or why the underground was created, and a dedicated shit post thread needed to be made.

    As far as Mac, I really don’t see what the problem is you and others have with him, I really don’t. The guy came here and gave legit advice and help to members for free for 6 months then consulted Millard about “sourcing” a coaching service. If I recall Millard himself gave the blessing in the macbuilt thread. If not the atlas physique team for sure stepped in and gave their blessing and even expressed their interest in recruiting mac to the atlas team.

    Maybe people had a valid claim that he set it up like that for 6 months to lure clients in for money. However 4 months later and he’s still commenting and giving free advice in every cycle, diet, and training thread I’ve run across; that claim of bait and switch or whatever other scam people want to claim has been debunked over these last 4 months. Get over it, the guy provides a valuable service to fat asses like me and experienced lifters alike, and he still provides free advice to people asking. As I close up this run with him I was looking at my notes from the start and I was floored at how much I paid him for everything he’s done for me. It might just be worth it to keep him on the pay roll during my cruise just to bounce ideas and advice off of him but not stress about hitting specific goals or check-ins

    On top of that the guy has like 100 pages walking someone through bulking, cutting, and prepping to walk away with a national qualifier then a shot at a pro card. You can literally follow his diet, workouts, and cycles and accomplish most of what he did without hiring your own coach if you can figure out how to adapt it to your physique and body.

    As far as the accusations of him shilling for TGI, I said it in my post 4 months ago. PEDs never had a foothold on how he directed his training, when they were brought up by ME, he never recommended a cycle or source, I don’t even think he was using TGI when he started coaching. Do some research and you’ll see who he used to use and why he switched. Basically Mac avoided anything about AAS, and I know that there were other clients of his that he actually told to stop taking some PEDs, seems counter intuitive for a guy shilling/ shamming to not recommend drugs or sources and even tell clients to reduce their PED usage.

    You’re a smart guy that’s been around the block Ben, take a step back and reassess some of the claims you’re making, especially about Mac. As cool as TGI is he’s still a source and I don’t know enough about the rumors to even fathom what to believe. I’d love to see all the rumored screenshots and emails posted but we know that’s not going to happen so I think on that front it’s best to let it die. Hopefully the “meso mafia” calms down and let’s TGI back without fear of doxxing or retribution (that’s kinda tongue-in-cheek, we'll never get to the bottom of the TGI/stanny claims)

    I really do hope you and your veteran buddies continue to come around more and continue contributing to the forum, but also realize this isn’t the OG days and maybe some compromise is in order.
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    My feelings were hurt? I use multiple acct's? You clearly aren't familiar with my work. These generic weak suck shots are the same you'd lob at any other member you and your dwindling group of big mouths try to gang up on.
    People know me...they may not like or agree with me but your lame attempt at insulting me missed its mark, wide right. Fucking fly by night lame with a bruised pinky toe who isn't about the lifestyle and knows his place scooping up the redi made kicked to the curb by the real daddy ugly wife and soft as shit kids.
    The expectations aren't very high...i unfortunately am aware that you like playing it safe knowing the brood you wound up with when mama bear cast her net wide giving you the chance to play savior giving them a real house to live in taling them off the sect 8 waiting list for 3 bedroom apt"s.
    The truth is mom was past her prime and threatened the kids with no presents under the tree if they dont make you feel important. I'm closer to your real life than you knew.
    Fade away with the others...leave the legit members to ourselves. The club house is gone as are many you thought were real members. Beat served a purpose. Nothing left for you here...i assure you.
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    Welcome home, stomps...I remember you.
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  15. Off topic chatting is one thing, it happens in pretty much any thread that's gone past 5 pages, but Titters thread, for being a source thread, is an absolute mess.

    i and many others preach the virtues of doing research and reading a sources entire thread before committing themselves to making a purchase, but c'mon, who's really gonna sit down and wade through 3000+ pages?

    Yes, there is useful information in there, some hilarious moments too, but there's also a ridiculous amount of stupidity in there that doesn't belong in a source thread, let alone belong on a PED forum.

    i guess i'm looking at it through the eyes of a noob. As much as i talk shit about noobs, i can understand where they're coming from when they balk at the idea of reading a 100+ page thread filled with 75 pages of off topic banter and member on member fighting.

    As infuriating as it is, it's no surprise that they never make it past the email address that they find in post #1.
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    Agree and disagree.

    I think a source thread that's just shy of 2K pages is probably a pretty decent indicator of their standing. Especially when the source is readily available for questions, etc.

    Sure, an exit scam or bad batch is only ever a day away. But all the vetting and gastapoing in the world isn't going to change that.

    However, I do understand the frustration of running through several threads and dozens of pages researching sources.

    I've actually wondered why long standing labs don't have pinned threads strictly for member submitted test results/blood work. It would seem natural given Meso's mission of harm reduction.
  17. biggerben69

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    Day after day of relentless posting. A few set the table or baited the hook...even the regulars who weren't plants every once in a while without realizing what they posted would post things like "who's got the night shift?" Or a friend of the thread with no malice would ask how iceman or others held dowm regular jobs with all the time they spent in the thread.
    If you really look at the steady relentless posting could only keep the pace it kept with sustained effort. It worked very well.
    I also never attacked tgi's gear or the positive posts. Its the deception.
    My hope was to bring if and when a bad batch hit a group of members that regular members wouldn't allow the truth to be buried by the machine.
    To believe i was "behind the scenes" running a campaigm to run tgi out is silly.
    There are several trusted members here who i am in contact with on a daily basis who will confirm that i have never mentioned tgi and are aware of my travels having to do with this lifestyle we live and my contributions to it.
    None of what i do intersects in anyway with any domestic source on meso or any open to all board.
    I haven't read the last posts made by tgi. I've read what others have said the post contains.
    Did tgi say that a banned member informed LE that there was a domestic source of ug aas on* that goes by tgi?
    Its a rat move but also a move that wouldn't increase the Risk or approach anything like the risk/danger tgi puts himself every day he takes orders from members on a google indexed public steroid forum like meso. LE enforcement is here. I personally am aware of 3 currently active meso members employed by 3 different LE agencies.
    The one member I have known longer than the other 2 is a CT State Trooper.
    The next i know through sleeping with his sister is a Riverside County Sheriff....
    the last I spoke with at length for the last time in a forced auto transfer from one holding facility to another because I was listed as "Property" of the agency is a 28 or 29yr old African American employed by the United States Marshall Service.
    All 3 are, upon my last interaction with them, caught up on current sources along with product knowledge. 2 had claimed to have competed on some level within the last 5 yrs.
    Meso is the daily destination of thousands. Any domestic source listed and with an active thread cannot be called Private or claim that they are as safe and as far from incarceration as a source who serves any private pasword protected board. Its not possible.
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    Or you work long ass overnights with fuck all to do, so you post stupid shit on Meso.

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    Shut the fuck up and don't ever quote me again you scamming piece of shit. I didn't read your reply but if aren't smart enough to realize that I was making a joke, about you, idk what else to say. Point proven I guess. Fuck @balco.
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    Will all the LEO’s please go to the new member intro and post up please? :)