Rumors Stanford, etc.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by StanfordPharma, Aug 21, 2019.

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    Kids who’s moms didn’t love them.

    @StanfordPharma best of luck man.

    Headed back to continue my midget shitposting.
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    Pretty much. There was no White Knight. It was targeted and with reason...just piss poor execution and shit stain got his life or lack of made fun of until he left. I bet he was multiple of the accounts too though I guess calling for help and support as he flailed like a douche getting his feelings hurt isn't out of the question.

    This was clear to everyone but when Millard didn't ban him for openly threatening members saying he was being sarcastic and letting it go....people likely made a case for their being in league. That was poorly handled.
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    You are like corn in shit. Worthless yet always there as a reminder of what could have and should have been something productive.


    You never fucking learn, do you?

    @Millard Baker
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    You and the rest of the new Meso generation are the biggest bitches I've ever witnessed. Not one single person here would have lasted a single day on Meso. Now all you guys do is cry when sources leave or one of your bum buddy is banned. Oh Heaven forbid you bitches get called out. CUZ HEY YOU GUYS KNOW EVERYTHING RIGHT? Wrong!!!
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    I’m waiting for proof of my wrongdoing sir. Don’t let yourself be a liar. o_O

    And STFU about “old meso” and fucking die with it. Bunch of romanticized reminiscing fucking morons the entire group is.
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    I thought you were leaving midget? Oh wait you can't, you've got your "clients" lol
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    Nah, just clients. Because unlike your “evidence,” they’re real.

    Go ahead. Call me a racist one more time for old time’s sake.
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  8. Makes perfect sense now.
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    This is a cluster, people are misquoting threads, and making up stories. I went through Titaniums thread, found the "old members". If you ever have read the stickies you would know that what Titanium's thread was like goes against most of what those members believe the Underground is about. Those members weren't on the take, protecting Meso approves sources, or in league with some Meso secret society. What a bunch of absolute fucking nonsense. Half of the people here are as paranoid as blind-peaking tweakers. We can clearly derive from Titaniums last posting, which member was threatening him.. Morefyah. He openly threatened him before he was banned. Titanium said banned member. All this other nonsense is purely conjecture and most of it is absolutely ludicrous.
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    Crazy I come back to meso after 5 years to this.
    I consider myself an old member and yes we used to be ruthless to sources when they would come here, hell I was part of the group that started the scoc and ran multiple sources off. But back then the underground was new and most of us were honestly trying to protect people and the board. I remember one vet I used to talk to daily had a buddy get a massive infection for one of those sources I don't remember the name of the source, as well as gear with floaters and bunk gear and the the scoop as many orders as possible and dip out scam. However I don't think that is the solution it creates a group of members that think they are the enforcers and they can push their own agenda.
    I do believe in vetting sources just not as aggressive as in the past. But I also don't think it's wise to have a 3k page thread about a source either so maybe lessons to be learned on both.
    But what the fuck do I know I've been gone so long I don't know most of the member nor do they know me.
  11. In the beginning of his venture, sure. But I don’t agree with burying anything at all. People need to know that their drug dealer is not above ordering a hit on them. I suppose we could not discuss steroid sources and stick to masturbation, transsexuals, and pretending we are each others’ fathers/children.

    We have the perfect platform here to push the steroid community to a level it’s never been in regards to safety and testing. The shit posting holds us back and gives the forum a bad rep. His thread was a breeding ground for new members whose sole purpose is chatting/seeking likes. Equivalent to the cliques in gyms that stand around and talk.

    I have absolutely nothing against chatting, but there’s a time and place. I don’t think source threads are the place, in the name of harm reduction. This should be considered the reset. No cliques, just one body of unbiased members. And a conscious effort to keep threads on topic (general discussion threads exempt).

    Meso Revolution 2019
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    Douche...I was active on this board and others before you and yours. Contributed more too. You are unworthy in all aspects. Not sure how or why you exist but I see no reason for you. I tried to help you but they were right, you are beyond help.
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    So the beef is we can’t chat in a source thread. Didn’t know Meso had rules for that..not being a source board and all.

    BUT. I can get onboard with that I guess. It’s a pretty picky critique as MANY a member asked a question and got well rounded answers there. Any questions about the source were tended to. And kindly. To say that it went against “harm reduction” is an outrageous mischaracterization of the activity there.

    This bullshit posturing by old members makes sense now, however fucking stupid it remains.
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    Biggest cry baby noob of them all, mac11. A noob who appears to be having panic attack because change is a scary thing. Time for the training wheels to come off.
    You do an awful lot of talking about "bottom lines" for a guy who has a pretty healthy bottom line himself.
    You've been a member for what , 10 months? You're a successful source in your own right, rook.
    I say "training wheels" because it was clear that you've been about your money from day 1 and you enjoyed biz from tgi's thread and it stands to reason that you turned your customers to tgi. Networking. Nothing new there.
    The tgi thread provided fantastik design.

    Mac, demanding proof...wouldnt shut up about it. All you fellas had to do was keep your mouths shut...and why wouldn't you? Business was good for all involved earning from the tgi thread and meso members.
    Pointing out the obvious is all i did.
    Lets see if iceman is hanging around now that his contract is up.
    Tgi thread was a nice design. I believe(conjecture, no proof, got me) maintaining the torrid pace demanded by the thread had to be a chore.
    Always the same supporting cast with 2 to 4 different topics and conversations going at any given time.
    There appeared to be a general outline. It was similar to AM talk radio when meso got its daily dose of politics. You had the ex military fury guy....stone cold killer with a dry sense of humor who called the thread home...the plants like iceman and others were joined by regular members who were caught up in their new virtual friendships and new found popularity.
    Disgusting to watch iceman stroke the former obscure member who didnt have a home or any friends...iceman sweet talking teabagger who believed that he was the "Realest Meso Member"...lots of pet played off teabags desperation and need to be wanted. Before tgi, teabagger could only find acceptance at highway rest stops and public bathrooms in the form of anonymous homosexual encounters.
    Teabag couldnt see he was the sick joke of the group.
    He's probably gonna off himself without the thread. He acrually believed his disgusting existance was accepted and ok. He's gonna be all alone with nothing but empty encounters with the lost souls that relieve their crippling anxiety with the self loathing public parks and the deviant homosexuals that haunt them provide teabagger with.
    I digress...the tgi thread and all the characters who kept the 2, 3 and even 4 active topics pushing ahead were there at the ready.
    A record # of posts by any sources thread since the Underground opened in 2012 to present day.
    A record that overshadows total posts in any sources thread or any other thread from meso's birth up to the beginning and through to the end of meso's first Underground that was known as "The Classifieds". The end of The Classifieds came as indictments were being unsealed and ORD took hold.
    Tgi's desig has been seen before....but not on the scale tgi decided to build his.
    On smaller forums the smaller scale design was seen in threads by sources like Kronus. He had threads at muscle&science, D-Reds Underground, and his last before LE raided Asylums lab in a residential neighborhood and that saw the great chef giving up names of his coconspirators and customers in hopes of leniency....his last thread was at anabolicboarc.
    In his threads his 3 or 4 reps along with Lord # 1 and Lord #2, would ask each other questions about gh, discuss the purity of their european raws and the secrets of their chefs who moonlighted as big pharma chemists.
    Back and forth trying to give their slow tbreads life and to keep their threads bumped to the top.
    What they also did and what tgi took to a new level was the ability of the group to bury negetive posts quickly with unproven accusations of their own and posts that easily overwhelmed the target quickly burying his posts.
    Tgi also used his helpers and all their posts about anything under the sun besides posts about sales of aas.
    It did this brilliantly. I was and still am impressed with the plan and execution of that plan. Meso is looked upon as suicide as far as sourcing goes. Google indexed and wildly popular among young and old enthusiasts alike...LE is here. However....if a newcomer was to click on the tgi thread the chances of the topics being sales of aas were slim to none. Business is handled then quickly buried with any evidence of gear sales beinf replaced with teabagg's romp in the hay with a tranny porn star or any # of topics in play on that given day. I have to hand it to was brilliant.
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    First let me say I do not know you and this isn't an attack but what if some members hang out in a source threads for months form a clique unofficial or not and start to think they are team said source.
    Now the source has a group of members at their back.
    Say he decides to do some shady stuff knowing that if a member that is either new or not well known post about him getting scammed those members will defend him or worse an infection but he has a group to do damage control and they don't even realize it.
    How long would that go on, how many people would get screwed over.
    Just food for thought.
    I'm not referring to titanium in particular that's just one of the issues I see with it in my opinion.
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    I don’t disagree, in general.

    But that is NOT what happened in TGIs thread. Anyone making the “shill” claim is a moron. He called himself out. We all publicly voiced issues to the group in that thread and how they were resolved.

    And why is chatting in a thread and source fuckery now mutually inclusive? So far TGIs source thread is the only to be like that and he had done nothing but fix any errors and improve his process for his customers...
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    You’re still a fuckstick.

    I’m afraid of nothing here because it’s a god damn forum. And your beef with me is some petty bullshit I still don’t get.

    Your musings about a plan are hilarious. Some of you need to ease off the hallucinogens. Or resort to writing fiction thrillers. You’ve got a talent.

    There was no cover. Nobody sold gear to my clients because they were mine nor did I direct anybody to TGI. Another long meandering shitpost with a lot of accusation and no substance. You’re a fucking joke. Again.
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    You are very bad at this.
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    Wtf meso reset?! What are you smoking on
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    You missed the “reset”? It was hilarious.

    But behold, Ben got what he wanted.
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